International Business Hierarchy

International Business Hierarchy will be the appropriate classification of all the employees of an international level business. A business at international level will be quite hugely defined in terms of manpower, authorities, financial prospective etc and many more.

The business is developed by its professionals who handles and manages the work performance of entire organization. Higher level professionals have the authority to use all of the organizational resources in order to make vital decisions for the organization. Well in organizations normally the entire hierarchy is a three level system but in case of International Business system Hierarchy, it is a four level system. These four main levels efficiently form a hierarchy in which every professional is ranked in order of power, authority and importance in the organization.

These appropriately form a pyramid where the higher level professionals reside at the top of the pyramid while the lower level makes the base of the pyramid. This hierarchical arrangement is described as below –

International Business Hierarchy
International Business Hierarchy
  • Top level – This level contains the highest level group of professionals whose task is to plan all the important aspects for the organization. These are the luxury level members of the International business hierarchy. They have the maximum power, earn maximum income and enjoy special rights in the organization. Most of the times this level does not have hired professionals.
  • Middle level – The next in the International business hierarchy is middle level. These are hired professionals who work accordingly to the orders of the organization top level.
  • Lower level – This level incorporate professional who work as a team for the middle level associates. This group of professionals has specializations in their fields.
  • First level – Well this is the lowest level in the International business hierarchy. These professionals take care of the daily basis management of the ground level works of the organization. These are also termed as first line professionals. They work for the goals on ground basis that higher level professionals set for them. Though they are at the bottom of the hierarchy yet they have an important place in the organization. These professionals if perform poorly get fired directly by the senior level professionals.

Further the levels are divided on the basis of different roles one performs. These four roles are as described below –

  • Decisional Roles – This role adequately divides the professionals in various groups. Those who have got maximum decisional roles for the organization formulate the top of the hierarchy. Those professionals who perform least decisional roles for the organization formulate the lower level.
  • Managerial Roles – Managerial roles define the management qualities of a professional. Professionals designated with managerial roles take care of the team working under them.
  • Interpersonal Roles – Interpersonal roles require professionals to direct, manage and supervise not only the employees but also the organization.
  • Informational Roles – Informational roles are those roles designated to professionals in which a professional obtains and then further transmits information.