Iran Political Hierarchy

A) Supreme Leader

The supreme leader is the most important political leader in the country of Iran.  The Supreme Leader has the control over every major decision which is either takes directly or through a network of institutions and advisors.  The following are the positions included within this level.

  • The intelligence services,
  • the revolutionary guard
  • Judiciary.

B) Guardian Council

This is the next position in the hierarchy of Iran. The Guardian council consists of a group of 12 Islamic law experts. These experts also hold the right to veto the parliamentary bills. Some positions under this council are given as follows:

  • 12 Islamic law experts
  • Senior Iranian cleric
  • Secretary to guardian council
  • Constitutional watchdog

C) President

President is another important level in the hierarchy of the Iran political system.  The President helps to device and directs the domestic social programs, public works, direct economic policies and education plans etc.

D) The Parliament

Parliament of Iran is a body which consists of 290 members in total and all these members are elected at a gap of four years.  These elected members have many social powers and economic powers.  Inspite of taking these decisions, the supreme leader loyalists can block the legislation.

E) Expediency Council

This is that council of the Iran political system which mediates between the guardian council and the parliament.  This council is often found to favor the views of the Supreme Leader.  The following are the major job positions of the Expediency council

  • Council members
  • Minister of Defense
  • Revolutionary guard command

F) Assembly of Experts

To oversee the performance of the Supreme leader, the assembly of experts is elected. This body consists of 86 members and their main job is to select a successor after the death of the supreme leader.

G) The Supreme National Security Council

This is a body which takes care of the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the country.

  • President
  • Head of the legislative
  • Head of the judiciary
  • Top military commander
  • Ministers of intelligence
  • Foreign affairs
  • Officer for planning and budget affairs

H) The Armed Forces

Within this field of political system, all the commanders are elected by the supreme leader himself and fall under the direct leadership of the supreme leader.  The following is the Iran hierarchy of the Military forces.

  • Revolutionary guard-Air force, navy and infantry
  • Regular forces-police force

I) Judiciary

The Judiciary is another important leg of the political system of Iran and this branch has the right to elect 6 members to the Guardian council. It is headed by the Head of the Judiciary.

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