Islamic Family Hierarchy

The foundation of families in Islam is blood ties and marital commitments.  In Islamic culture, family ties are made on solid grounds which are capable of offering true intimacy, continuity and security.  Islamic culture pays a lot of importance of marriage and having kids. In this culture, there is a lot of value given to extended families or joint families.

Several generations live together either in the same house or in same neighborhoods and follow the practice of eating and praying together.  There is a certain hierarchical structure that is followed in an Islamic family. According to this structure, the one at the top of the family tree is given the maximum importance and respect and he/she takes most of the decisions for the welfare of the family. To understand this better, read the following given information.

islamic family hierarchyOldest Couple

The topmost position in the family tree of an Islamic family is given to the oldest couple. This couple is also known as the first couple and are the ones who take all the major decisions for the rest of the family. They take financial decisions, family decisions and others and hold maximum power and responsibility.  Within this hierarchical level, the man has a stronger hold over family matters than the woman who merely supports the decisions of her husband and cannot really violate or go against his final say.

The Son and Daughter in Law of Oldest Couple

The next position in the Islamic family tree is given to the son and the daughter in law of the oldest couple. This couple takes decisions regarding schooling of children, their education and may focus on the day to day running of the household. They cannot violate or go against the decisions of the oldest couple and must obey them under all circumstances.

The Daughter

The daughter of the oldest couple comes next in the family structure of any typical Islamic family. She has rights over the family’s belongings and may also take certain decisions but mostly until she is married off.

The Grandsons of the Oldest Couple

The grandsons of the oldest couple come at the next level in the family tree of an Islamic family. The grandsons do not have much say in important matters but may grow up to help the family as far as finances are concerned.

Granddaughters of the Oldest Couple

The granddaughters come at the bottom level of the family tree.

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