Legal Counsel Hierarchy

In legal counsel hierarchy, legal counsel is a word used for a legal expert who is certified in practicing law. Most usually, to become specialized one must go to a college for four years and a law school for three years and then pass the bar exam of the state. There are various kinds of legal counsel and consists of those who are specialized in business, bankruptcy, environment, immigration, criminal and the family laws. In legal counsel hierarchy, it is recommendable to select a lawyer who is specialized in the kind of help one needs. A Legal counsel represents in the court or merely advises if someone is in an unsure position.

In legal counsel hierarchy, the different ranks are elucidated shortly in chronological order which means starting with the highest rank and ending with the lowest one:

Legal Counsel Hierarchy

  • Senior Attorney – In legal counsel hierarchy, senior attorney holds the highest level. Senior attorney should have 8 to 10 years of experience in legal sector. They should have wide knowledge in all aspects of laws. They provide advice to the appellate and the trail courts.
  • Attorney – The name attorney often explains the chief officer of law enforcement in the government, either on the state, federal or local level. The attorney acts as the representative of the country in the legal issues and as the lead of the legal counsel of the government. The degree of law is must for the job of the attorney.
  • Senior Counsel – The senior counsel name is given to the senior advocates in some countries which are similar to the title ‘Queen’s Counsel’. This is the senior level of the counsel. They are having many years of experience for becoming senior counsel.
  • Counsel –   A counsel helps the top leaders to ensure that the employees are in accordance with the laws when performing their tasks. A legal counsel works for reperusing corporate policies and their workings and making sure that these policies stick to the regulations of the government and the industry practices.
  • Senior Legal Counsel – It is the immediate higher level of Legal Counsel. A senior legal counsel should have an experience of 6 to 8 years in the law firm. They should have good written and verbal communication skill and should be fluent in English. They should have excellent skills of negotiations. They should work accurately and in planned manner.
  • Legal Counsel – In legal counsel hierarchy, legal counsel holds the lowest level.  Legal counsel researches local, federal and state laws either in education, accounting in or financial services. Their duties starts from developing the legal procedures that put into effect the corporate governance to reperusing legal contracts, publications and leases of real estates. In addition to this, legal counsels presents applications of copyright for products, services and trademarks, mediate labor disputes, closely work with different lawyers, looks over the tax payments. Legal counsels also collect evidence and other legal information for various court cases, during trials represents the client.

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