Library Management Hierarchy

Library management is a field of work which deals with the effective and efficient management and administration of a library and all the books, newspapers, magazines and journals that it holds. When it comes to a small library, one manager or a group of people may suffice to management but in case of a big library organization such as a city library or a state library, an entire team of people may be needed for effective library management. The following given information may help you understand the Management hierarchy of library management in a better way.

Library Director

The library director holds the topmost position in the hierarchy chart of library management and is responsible for hiring other recruits, managing finances, accounts, marketing, books and staff of the library. The library director is the single most important executive working in a library and makes all the important decisions for the welfare of the library.

Library Manager

A library manager fulfills all the administrative duties of a library and sees to it that the library functions smoothly on a day to day basis. He/she is present in the library at all times and supervises the activities of the other staff members as well. In case of a big library, there may be different library managers for different sections.


Librarians also have a managerial or administrative level in a library job and are responsible for maintaining the books in the library. They are the ones who order new books, train other employees and update the records of the library on a regular basis. A librarian must also discipline those using the library and see to it that a certain protocol is maintained.

Library Assistants

Library assistants may have different roles in different libraries but they mostly do clerical work. Librarians are the ones who sit at the entry of the library and help users in check in and check out processes. These individuals collect late fee, help new members with registration and work on orders of managers or librarians.


Pages can also be considered to take a managerial role in a library. These are those employees of a library who must arrange books in proper order or scheme.  They help users in finding desired books and also put back returned books at their designated column or shelf. So for smooth arrangement and management of books, pages can be considered integral to the hierarchical system of library management.

Human Resource Management

Those working in this management section are responsible for management of employees and handling employee recruiting process.

Facilities Management

To manage the premises of the library, facility management is needed. A facility manager sees to it that the facility is properly functioning and is well maintained for public use at all times.

Security Management

Security of a library is an important part of overall library management. A security manager is responsible for employing security guards outside the library to avoid any unwanted breaking in.

Transportation Management

Transportation of books is the responsibility of a transportation manager.