Logistic Company Hierarchy

A logistic company is a type of an Organisation which provides inbound and outbound transportation of raw products and finished products from one end to another.  It is the responsibility of a Logistic company to make proper allocation of transportation systems and equipment to facilitate smooth entry and exit of products and goods. Any Logistics company tries to maximize the reach of products so that it can earn the maximum revenue. The hierarchy of a Logistics company is divided on the basis of the responsibilities and roles of each of the employees.

The hierarchy structure of a Logistics company can be described as follows:

A) Strategic Level

The top level of any logistics Company comprises of strategic level executives. These are those job positions which are required to develop strategies for the functioning of the company. They not only set the budget and determine targets and goals, but also ensure implementation of long term goals as well.

Since logistics is an important part of any supply chain management, the strategic level executives must have knowledge not only about Logistics but other operations of the supply chain process as well. The following are the main job designations within this segment.

  • Chief executive officer/chairman
  • Director
  • Executive director
  • Non-executive director
  • Chief finance officer
  • Head of marketing
  •  Market analyst
  • Project director

B) Managerial Level

The managerial level of a Logistics company can be considered the mid-level of the company that looks at all the managerial aspects and makes sure that all tasks are well administered and working smoothly.  The executives working on this level need to coordinate the activities of the transport system and expand client base for earning maximum revenue.  This level is divided on the basis of job duties into several job positions, the titles of which are given as follows:

  • Sales manager
  • Branch manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Block development manager
  • HR manager
  • Engineering department manager
  • Manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Office manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Transport manager
  • Fleet manager
  • Inventory manager

 C) Executive Level

The third and the base level of any Logistics company is the executive level. This level may be on the bottom of the hierarchy but is in no way of any less importance.  Implementation of strategies and goals is the responsibility of those working at this level and some of the main job positions are given as follows:

  • Technical support executive
  • IT support executive
  • Computer repair executive
  • In House logistics executive
  • Warehouse in charge
  • Material handling executive