Los Angeles Police Department Hierarchy

The Los Angeles Police department is the agency entrusted with task of law enforcement in Los Angeles Area of The United States of America. Headquartered in Los Angelesand governed by a board of five appointed officials, this department is responsible for setting policies, rules and regulations and maintaining law and order in complete state.

Department is headed by the chief of police who in turn reports to the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners. Los Angeles police department is organized in hierarchal pattern to fix the accountability of each and every action of its officers. The top most official in the Los Angeles police Department Hierarchy is the Chief of police.

This office further relegates into departments such as Research and Planning, Financial and audit department, the professional standards bureau etc. The professional standard bureau is further responsible for internal matters, specialized operations and force inquiry. The region is geographically distributed into areas or divisions and police stations have been put up to do the policing work. TheLos Angeles Police Department Hierarchy is explained below:

Los Angeles Police Department Hierarchy
Los Angeles Police Department Hierarchy

Know about Los Angeles Political Hierarchy 

Police Officer

This is an entry level grade in the Los Angeles Police department hierarchy and an official has three grades namely police officer one, two and three based on experience in service. Any officer has to serve has to serve on all three grades before gaining an advancement to next grade i.e. of a sergeant.


This is next promotion in line from a police officer III. An officer becomes eligible to perform specialized assignments apart from the basic policing work. Some working designations in this grade are that of Patrol field supervisor, Drug testing supervisor, Auditor etc.


A police officer III also has an option to be promoted as Detective I after attaining success in department detective eligibility test. It is a specialized operation unit and the officer is entrusted with criminal investigation, narcotics investigation etc.


The next ladder for promotion of a sergeant or detective is Lieutenant.Again to be escalated to the grade of lieutenant an officer has to successfully clear a departmental examination.


Becoming a captain is the next goal for a lieutenant after gaining the essential experience and clearing the departmental testing procedure. A Captain normally is entrusted with responsibility of a large patrol unit, detective division etc.


To be eligible for the grade of commander an officer has to successfully serve his/her probation as a captain and clear the departmental examination. A commander handles a wide array of responsibilities such as overseeing the operation of the department in the geographic area, conducting audits, handling a team of detectives etc.

Deputy Chief

This grade is second in command to the chief of police and a commander can aspire for this position after successful and unblemished stint of one year. The deputy chief is directly responsible for afunctional bureau.

Chief of police

Chief of police is akin to the CEO of a large corporation and responsible for overall management and operation of Los Angeles Police Department.