Mexican Gang Hierarchy

A Mexican gang is one which carries out its operations in Mexico. Mexican gangs have been in operations for several decades and still continue to be involved in drug trafficking, thefts, kidnappings, extortions and other such criminal activities. There are many Mexican gangs which operate simultaneously and work against each other in their own turf or region.

Each Mexican gang follows the same organization structure according to which it functions and appoints people at various positions. This structure helps to divide responsibilities and roles. Mexican gang hierarchy is basically the division of levels among each such gang. The following is a detailed Mexican gang hierarchy which you can go through for your reference.

Mexican Gang Hierarchy

The General

The general or the gang leader is the person who is placed at the highest position in the gang and reaches this position after spending many years in the gang and gaining experience. The general is the person who is responsible for supervising the operations, appointing other leaders, removing leaders, planning operations, taking care of finances and making strategies for the welfare of the gang.


The lieutenant can be considered as the right hand of the general and holds an important position in the Mexican gang. He is the one who carries out all the orders given by the general and further divides responsibilities among lower members.  It is the lieutenant who carries out lower level operations on his own without the permission of the general.


The captain comes at the third level of the Mexican gang and is the person who protects the turf or region from rivals. There are multiple captains in each gang and are also sometimes referred to as the Hitmen. They are the ones who are armed and carry out assassinations, thefts, kidnappings and killing the rivals if the need be. The captains follow instructions given by the Lieutenants and carry out the main responsibility of representing the gang from the field.


Soldiers, who are also known as the brothers are the individuals who form the eyes and the ears of the gang and are the ones who report activities of the police, military and the rivals. They are the whisperers who collect information and give it back to the captains so that they can then perform their tasks.  The soldiers do not carry arms but may need to carry out executions to protect themselves.

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