MS 13 Gang Hierarchy

Mara Salvatrucha of MS 13 is an international criminal gang which originates in Los Angeles, California and then spread to many other parts including US, Canada, Central America and Mexico.  Central Americans form the majority of the gang members.

One thing that the gang members do to distinguish themselves is tattooing their body and even the face by use of their own sign language.  They are a notorious group of people who use violence and criminal activities. The MS 13 gang is known to follow a certain organization or hierarchy structure on the basis of which it functions.

Former members of the gang have provided the police a breakdown of the pay scales and the rankings which proves that the gang is strict and sophisticated in appointing people on these levels.  If you are interested in finding out this order or hierarchy of the MS 13 gang, then you can read the following given information.

MS 13 Gang Hierarchy

Council of Nine

On the top of the hierarchy tree is the group of members known as the Council of Nine.  This is the leading group which is responsible for making strategy for the gang, giving orders, appointing members and doing all the financial workings. The council of nine has the final say on things and the main decision making power.

Clica Leaders

Clicas, cliques or cells come at the second highest position in the hierarchy of the MS13 gang. These members operate in specific neighborhood and one or two of them are appointed in each to oversee the activities and operations of the Gang Hierarchy in those areas. They directly take orders and answer to the council of nine and are paid heavily for their efforts and activities. They give orders to subordinates and make sure that the activities in their area run smoothly.

Finances and Special Ops

At the third level of the hierarchy of a MS 13 gang come those who take care of the finances and the special operations.  They are the ones who carry out police killings but still make a very small amount as their weekly wage. They are the brains who decide how much money should be spent on which operation.

Hired Assassins

Whenever the MS 13 gang is not able to arrange for killers or assassins from within their group, they hire assassins on freelance basis. They are not only responsible for killings but also for collecting extortion debts from others. They deal with rivals and protect the gang if needed.

Extortion/Menial Tasks

The individuals responsible for menial tasks or extortion are placed at the lowest levels. They perform tasks like grocery shopping for the gang and look after their needs. They take orders from all the above gang members and receive less than $40 a week.


Informants may not be directly part of the gang but play an important role by giving information and reports on rival activities, police positions and other such things. Informants are paid on a freelance basis and are crucial for every gang.