Nazi Political Hierarchy

In Nazi Germany, which is a term used to refer to Germany in between the years 1933 and 1945, the entire political system was divided into various departments, organizations and complex rules. Headed by Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, the political hierarchy in the country was well defined yet very in-depth.

The leaders during the Nazi Germany phase divided the governance into different parts in order to ensure proper management and rule.  The leaders strengthened the military, created their own personal army and set up a state security as well.  The following is a detailed Nazi Political hierarchy:

nazi political hierarchy

Cabinet and National Authorities Branch

  • Office of the Party Chancellery
  • Office of the Reich Chancellery
  • Office of the Presidential Chancellery
  • Chancellery of the Führer
  • Privy Cabinet Council

Reich Officers

  • Office of the President of the Reich Bank
  • Office of the Reich Master Forester
  • Office of theFour-Year Plan
  • Reich Youth Office
  • Office of the Inspector for Highways
  • General Inspector of the Reich Capital
  • Reich Treasury Office
  • Office of the Councilor for the Capital of the Movement

These offices had a number of ministers heading each of the departments separately. They are given as follows:

Reich Ministers

  • Reich Interior Ministry
  • Reich Foreign Ministry
  • Reich Ministry of Aviation
  • Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda
  • Reich Ministers without Portfolio
  • Reich Ministry of Justice
  • Reich Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs
  • Reich Labor Ministry
  • Reich Economics Ministry
  • Reich Ministry of Finance
  • Reich Postal Ministry
  • Reich Ministry for Nutrition and Agriculture
  • Reich Ministry for Science, Education, and Public Instruction
  • Reich Transportation Ministry
  • Reich Ministry for Weapons, Munitions, and Armament

The Legislative Branch

  • Reichstag
  • Reichsrat

The Judicial System

Most of the human rights at the time of Nazi Germany were disabled and a lot of communities were abandoned from their rights and responsibilities.

Military Organization

  • Chief of the Operations Staff – Colonel General
  • Wehrmacht– Armed Forces
  • OKW– Armed Forces High Command
  • Chief of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces – Field Marshal
  • Heer– Army
  • OKH– Army High Command
  • Army Commanders-in-Chief
  • Colonel General
  • Führerand Reich Chancellor
  • Field Marshal
  • Field MarshalFerdinand Schörner
  • Kriegsmarine– Navy
  • OKM– Navy High Command
  • Navy Commanders-in-Chief
  • General Admiral
  • Grand Admiral
  • Luftwaffe– Airforce
  • OKL– Airforce High Command
  • Air Force Commanders-in-Chief
  • Reichsluftschutzbund(Air Force Auxiliary)
  • Field Marshal
  • Reich Marshal
  • Abwehr– Military Intelligence
  • Vice Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Waffen-SS– Nazi Party military branch

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