ONGC Management Hierarchy

India’s largest multinational oil and gas company, ONGC (Oil and Gas Corporation limited) is a government owned public sector undertaking that produces more than 65% of the crude oil in the country. Being the largest profit making PSU in the country, it is spread across 17 countries and has employed more than 40,000 people. Management and functioning of such a huge government owned company is divided among many functional levels that ensure its smooth functioning, continuous growth and expansion.

ONGC Management Hierarchy

Apex level

Having an efficient system of decentralized functioning, the ONGC energy centre is headed by a Director General who is advised by an expert advisory committee in all major decisions. He holds all the power to take major decisions and is generally directly appointed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India.

These are the highest level of positions to be acquired in the company. The members present in the expert committee are highly qualified professionals already working in the company, appointed by the director general with the recommendations of the directors under him. The people at apex level perform functions like planning, controlling and supervision. They do not have any ground work functions, although they may be controlling all departments with those functions under them.

Secondary level

The company has three basic organizational units; The Administrative Support Section, which looks after the necessary administrative, HR, IT and financial and commercial support; The Technical Research Section that coordinates and implements all ongoing projects and The Research Advisory Section that develops new projects and is responsible for technology scanning, assessment, etc. Each unit has its own director who are officers of level E-7 and above and they directly report to the director general at the top.

Under them come different officers of level from E-0 to E-6 who are responsible for the daily functioning of each department. These include positions like that of Chief Manager, Chief Engineer, Chemist Superintending Engineer, Senior Geologists, etc. This is the most functional level of company responsible all ground level production and research.

Staff level

This is the lowest level of Management Hierarchy comprising of the ground staff of people like attendants, technicians, workers etc. They take care of all other menial jobs requiring manual labor. Since they are the lower most in the managerial hierarchy, they have no contact with the top level directly. They come under the control of other supervisors on the same level that further report to the manager at the secondary level.

It is due to such functional decentralization till the grass root level that has ensured the success for ONGC, making it one of the most efficiently working public companies in the country.  It is due to this management capacity that the company has been able to achieve successfully its mission of “creating a value and knowledge based organization by inculcating a culture of learning, innovation and team working and aligning business priorities with aspiration of employees leading to a development of an empowered, responsive and competent human capital.”

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