Ontario Political Hierarchy

The Ontario province of Canada has a power structure which is derived from the constitution and the term government basically refers to the cabinet the members of which are selected from the members legislative assembly of Ontario. The Ontario public service is that civil service in the province which manages and delivers government services, programs and the various policies.

In order to ensure smooth operations of the government in the state of Ontario, three separate branches are allocated and they are executive branch, legislative branch and the judicial branch. To understand the Ontario political hierarchy a little better, you can go through the following given information.

Ontario political hierarchy

 The executive branch of Ontario

The executive branch of Ontario government is the topmost branch in the system and the Queen is the head of this branch. The queen who is also the head of the state is represented by the Lieutenant governor. The leader of the government is called the premier and is the one who appoints the MPPs to the cabinet which too is a part of the executive branch.  Each of the ministers of the cabinet or the executive branch is given provincial responsibilities and gives advice to the premier. This branch holds the highest power and authority and is hence placed on the top position.

The legislative branch

The legislative branch is the second arm in the Ontario political hierarchy and is also known as the legislative assembly.  This branch is basically made up of the elected representatives who are known as the members of provincial parliament or MPPs.  There are a total of 107 MPPs and each of them represents one electoral district. The legislative branch does the work of making rules and passing regulations. It is the rules that they make which people of the state have to follow. If the people fail to do so, the judiciary handles what punishment must be given to them.

The judicial branch

The third wing or arm of the government of Ontario is the judicial branch.  This branch is headed in the state by the chief justice of Ontario. In this state, there are a total of 9 senior regional judges whereas 242 other federally appointed judges which serve the people of the designated province.  The Canadian court system or judiciary of Ontario has the main responsibility of finding out who has broken and law and then give the right amount of punishment.

This is the structure of Ontario Political Hierarchy. Also know about Canada political hierarchy.