Pakistan Police Hierarchy

Pakistan is a country formed in 1947 in Asia. The internal security and law enforcement of Pakistan is taken care by the Police Services of Pakistan. They get trained at the National Police Academy in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan.

Pakistan Police Hierarchy

Below given is the hierarchy structure of this law enforcement agency of Pakistan. This hierarchal structure helps the agency function smoothly and helps maintain order.

  • Inspector General of Police

The Inspector General of Police is the head of the entire police department of the country of Pakistan. He can command over all the administration and working of the department and can develop and implement policies according to the requirement of the situation.

  • Additional Inspector General

He is an assistant to the Inspector General. He takes care of the execution of the orders of the IG and is responsible to present the overall reports of the Police force in front of the concerned authorities and ministers.

  • Deputy Inspector General of Police

The Deputy Inspector General is also known as the Regional Police Officer. He looks after the working of the police force of a particular region and gives regional reports to his seniors. He is the senior-most officer responsible to look after the situations of a particular region.

  • Senior Superintendent of Police

The Senior Superintendent of Police looks after the administration of multiple police stations. They look after the crime statistics of police stations of a particular region.

  • Superintendent of Police

The Superintendent of Police takes care of important and major police cases of a particular region. He assists the inspectors and gives them commands.

  • Deputy Superintendent of Police

He is directly junior to the Superintendent of Police and takes care of directing the Inspectors according to the work decided for them. He forwards the progress of the police force to the seniors. The Deputy SP is also responsible for reporting the updates about important and major criminal cases or reports about security checks and patrolling activities to the Superintendent of Police.

  • Police Inspector

A police inspector looks after State level cases. He takes care of solving criminal cases and is the main investigator for any case at the initial stage.He looks after the criminal cases individually and makes progress reports of the same. He is responsible to implement the first measures in case of emergencies in the area which comes under his jurisdiction.

  • Sub-Inspector

The Sub-Inspector works as an assistant of the Police Inspector. He assists the inspector in investigation of criminal cases.

  • Sub-Inspector

He assists the Sub-Inspector in solving criminal cases. Assistant Sub Inspectors are the first ones to be deployed on field in order to conduct patrolling and other security checks.

  • Head Constable

The Head Constable does the work of a Sergeant. They give commands to the constables of the police station where they are appointed.

  • Constable

The constable is the junior most rank in the police hierarchy of the Country of Pakistan. They are the highest in number in the total police force.

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