Paris Police Hierarchy

The police force which works for the eradication of crime and maintenance of order in Paris is known as the French Police force.  The National Police in Paris is one of the two national police forces and also the main civil law enforcement agency working in the country with main jurisdiction areas being cities and large towns.

The national police in Paris mainly conduct security operations like patrolling, identity checks, traffic control etc. and also conduct criminal inquiries and tasks related to issuing of search warrants etc.  In order to ensure smooth functioning of the police in Paris, the police force is divided into three corps, whose hierarchy is given as follows:

paris police hierarchy

Conception and Direction Corps

This corp of the Paris Police can be considered equal in importance to the higher commissioned ranks of a military force and performs very serious nature tasks for the welfare of the city.  Within this corp, there are 5 different police officers that perform their own set of duties. The hierarchy is from the senior most officers to the junior most and is given as follows:

  • Director of the active services
  • Inspector general
  • Controller general
  • Divisional superintendent
  • Superintendent

Command and Management Corps

The next corp which falls under the previous corp is known as the command and management corp. This leg of the Paris police force corresponds to the lower commissioned ranks of a military force and further consists of 5 levels at which different police officers work. The following is the hierarchy within command and management corps:

  • Commandant
  • Capitaine
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant intern
  • Lieutenant student

Authority and Enforcement Corps

The third and the final corp of the Paris police force is the authority and enforcement corp which corresponds approximately to the non-commissioned and enlisted ranks in a military force.  This particular corp further consists of 5 different levels taken by 5 different officers. The following is the hierarchy of police officers within this leg, in descending order or seniority:

  • Major
  • Brigadier chief
  • Brigadier
  • Keeper of the peace
  • Keeper of the peace intern

The following are the directorates into which the Paris police is further subdivided:

  • Directorate of resources and competences of the national police
  • Central directorate of the judicial police
  • Central directorate of public security
  • Central directorate of border police
  • Central directorate of republican security companies
  • Technical international police co-operation service
  • Important persons protection service
  • Counterterrorism struggle coordination unit

Know about French National Police Hierarchy.