Pentecostal Church Hierarchy

Within the Protestant Christianity there was a renewal movement called Pentecostalism who laid special emphasis on the direct personal experience with God through baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Bishop plays the all important role here and bears complete responsibility towards the Church rather than the people. He plays a multipurpose role of administrative duties along with those of the Church.

Being a leader is the primary job of the Bishop. He is an in-between person with the Church and the State Government. To maintain the ethical standards of leadership they need to be moral in all their dealings personally and professionally too.

Pentecostal Church HierarchyThe Bishop needs to come to the rescue when the Church is at times attacked by outsiders or even if there are internal issues cropping up. He is the idol that people look up to. Therefore he needs to set up examples about sending across the correct messages regarding the Church’s doctrine and belief.

The structure of the International Pentecostal Church of Christ is a blend of Congregational and the Presbyterian systems and they operate under their own structures. They elect their own pastors and are overseen by various boards from the body.

The General Board

It is made up of all the licensed and ordained ministers, ordained deacons and local church delegates who are the final body for appeals.

General Executive Committee

The members of the committee are elected for two years in the Annual Conference and comprises of the secretary, treasurer and overseer.

District Conferences

The General Conference members who stay within the boundaries of a district form the members of the District Conference.

District Board

The District Overseer is the chairman of this board.

Church Congregations

The policy making body of the local church is made up of the local church members. The voting members are active and in good standing.

Church Boards

The trustees, deacons and the Pastor comprise the official board with the Pastor as the chairman. The local church elects the pastor either for a definite or an indefinite term.

Church Delegate

A Church Delegate is appointed to the District or General Conference. These delegates do not have any authority outside the business setting and their freedom to vote is out of their own conscience.

Church Member

After the applicants are screened to testify spiritual commitment and loyalty they are supposed to be working relentlessly for the local Church.

Church Relations

The Churches are free to control their own affairs but within the constitutional parameters of the IPCC. They have a good combination of the local and the national control.