Pharmaceutical Company Hierarchy

A pharmaceutical company is a company which manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products such as medicines, medicinal cosmetics and drugs.  Within the working of a pharmaceutical company lies a whole hierarchy of job positions, designations and roles.  All the jobs and departments together are responsible for the success and profit of the organization.

Some of the departments in a pharmaceutical company include manufacturing department, sales department, marketing departments, research department and others. The following is a detailed description of the hierarchical structure followed inside a pharmaceuticals company.

pharmaceutical company hierarchy

Senior Most Level Job Positions

In a pharmaceuticals company, the senior most levels are taken by administrators, owners, board of directors and other important employees who are responsible for the overall management and running of the organization.  The senior employees or working positions decide and set the goals for the rest of the employees to achieve and are also responsible for handling finances which form an important part of the success of any company.

The following are the various job positions in the senior level job positions:

  • Company director
  • Chief company executive
  • Senior company supervisor
  • Head of the pharmaceutical company department
  • National pharmaceutical company head
  • Chief medical officer
  • Zonal company head
  • Pharmaceutical company supervisor
  • Company manager
  • General manager
  • Executive director

Middle Level Job Positions

After the senior level employees comes the category of the middle level workers or employees who execute the plans and projects formed by the senior level employees. They supervise the lower level employees and make sure that the company and its operations run smoothly. The middle level executives hold the most important positions which decide the profit and success results of the company. The following are the main middle level job positions in a pharmaceuticals company;

  • Department manager
  • Regional managers
  • Company manager
  • Associate company manager
  • Pharmaceutical company team leader
  • Pharmaceutical company PR
  • Marketing manager
  • Sales manager
  • District pharmaceutical company head
  • Quality control manager
  • Warehouse manager

Entry Level Job Positions

As far as authority is concerned, those working at entry level positions don’t hold important roles but they still form an important part of the company and are responsible for day to day tasks and functions. The entry level positions are held by those who are not very experienced. The following are the various entry level job positions in a pharmaceuticals company:

  • Pharmaceuticals sales executive
  • Pharmaceuticals trainee
  • Pharmaceuticals assistant
  • Pharmaceuticals secretary
  • Pharmaceuticals associate intern
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacturing clerk
  • Pharmaceuticals company representative