Pizza Hut Management Hierarchy

One of the most famous multinational food chains, pizza hut is spread across in around 94 countries with more than 11,000 franchises all around the world. Moreover, it’s a wholly owned subsidiary whose parent company Yum! Brands, Inc. is the world’s largest fast food restaurant company. Management at such a huge scale is made possible only because of an efficient allocation of duties with due credit being given to all its employees. Pizza hut managements all across world through their proper initiative and interest have constantly been able to develop new territories in US and overseas and further expand exponentially.

Pizza Hut Management Hierarchy

Apex level

At the head of the organization are the CEO and his board of members. Initially the founder of the company was the ultimate head, but after the company was overtaken by yum! Inc. the presidents and all other officials came under the direct command of the parent company. Currently all major decisions relating to future policies, expansion strategies, new innovations, etc are all taken by these members at the apex level in consonance with the policies of the parent company.

Mediatory level

Like all companies, pizza hut also has a mediatory level that acts as a link between the managers at top to the employees at the grass root level. These mediator managers frame all policies and styles of preparation. These also appoint the zonal mangers who directly report to them. It is completely up to this level to decide and plan to the minutest of details. They are also the organizing members of the company that maintain a level diligence and managerial efficiency of the stores at a larger level around the world.

Managerial level

Management hierarchy followed by this food giant is a concentrated type where the ultimate decision making power and the authority rests with the head manager leading the zone. This authority is zonal and geographical in nature and holds at least 8-10 franchises under him. He is directly responsible to the mediatory managers and is the representing head for all employees at any level below him.

Further each store has a specific senior manager responsible for functioning of the store he is heading. He not only reports to the zonal manager but also is responsible for the sales in his area. He has under him a number of employees who interact with people on a day to day basis through sales and food preparation. These people therefore represent the organization directly hence are marked by their manager on the performance basis. Employees at this level of managerial hierarchy do not take any decisions for the franchisees rather follow and comply with whatever has been set forth by the upper levels before.

Moreover what ensures success for this food brand is the fact that apart from a proper divisional hierarchy, they also have established paths of command or the chain of authority to be approached in case of any scenarios of problems thereby making it one of the best management hierarchies in food chains across the world.