Poker Hierarchy

Poker is a card game quite popular around the world ever since its origin. It is one of the most popular games in online and real world casinos and people bet huge amount of money in this game. It involves individualistic play as well as betting. The winner in poker is specified by the grades and combinations of player’s cards.

Usually some of the cards even remain unseen till the game’s end. Poker is one of the most renowned one among the card game family. The betting measures differ among variant poker games. The poker hierarchy demonstrates the organized order of systems and methods of poker game.

This Poker hierarchy is broadly divided into two parts.

Poker Hands and Poker Variants that are two major aspects of Poker. These are further sub categorized. The poker hierarchy is described as below. Have a quick look

Poker Hierarchy

Poker Hands

Poker hands portray the phenomena by which poker players construct a five card hands but thoroughly according to some
Pre specified rules and terms. These rules vary depending upon which poker variant is being played at the moment. Well the hands are generally compared by making uses of a rank system which is termed in poker as ‘hand ranking system’.

This ‘hand ranking system’ is quite standard cross way all of the poker variants. For some poke variants, the highest ranking hand is considered a winner while in some the lowest ranking hand is considered a winner. The poker hands in the poker hierarchy comprise of nine systems. These nine systems are described below in a descending order. Have a look at the poker hands in the poker sports hierarchy.

  • Four of a Kind
  • Flush
  • High Card
  • Full House
  • One Pair
  • Straight
  • Two Pair
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
    • Royal Flush

Poker Variants

The poker variants are supposed to start by early 1900s in the United States of America. These have been quite famous in majority of USA’s and other casinos and bars. In poker hierarchy poker variants are broadly divided into two parts as Mixed Poker Variant and specific poker variant. These two are further sub categorized into several sub parts. All of the parts and sub parts are explained below in a methodical manner to portray poker hierarchy. Have a look at this division.

Mixed Poker variant

The mixed poker variant in the descending order are as follows

  • H.O.R.S.E
  • H.O.S.E
  • H.O.E
  • H.O.
  • O.E.
  • H.A.
  • Omaha High-low Mixed
  • Holdem Mixed
  • Ten Game Mix
  • Eight Game Mix

Specific Poker Variant 

The specific poker variant in the descending order are as follows. Have a quick look –

  • Stud Horse Poker
  • Oxford Stud
  • High Chicago or Low Chicago
  • Follow the Queen
  • Countdown
  • Billabong & Shanghai
  • Guts
  • Five – O – Poker
  • Kuhn Poker

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