Political Campaign Hierarchy

A well structured political campaign is one of the most important things for a political party or a candidate who stands as a leader in an election. Running a political campaign is one of the most challenging tasks and it requires a group of the best staffs to make the event a success. A certain political campaign hierarchy is being exhibited by the political parties, both at the state level and the federal level. In this particular journal, we will discuss  about the general political hierarchy and all the relevant details about the members of the campaign.

Political Campaign Hierarchy
Political Campaign Hierarchy

The levels of hierarchy are:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Publicity Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Volunteers

Campaign Manager

A campaign manager is the top most position of the political campaign hierarchy. The campaign manager oversees the function of the rest of the staff and the members. A campaign manager strategies the campaigns and works on finalizing the major events of the campaign.A campaign manager coordinates various operations such as fundraising, advertising and polling etc. The managers continuously discuss the various issues with the political consultants and make use of various campaign management tools to do the job in an efficient way.

Campaign Treasurer

The campaign treasurer is the professional who is accountable for all the financial issues associated with the campaign. The treasurer monitors the monetary contributions from the different corporations. The treasurer files the records and the financial forms in a timely manner with the state and the federal governments. The treasurer prepares reports of all incoming ad outgoing money and communicates with the campaign manager on a regular basis. His major responsibilities include the documentation of incoming and outgoing funds.

Publicity Coordinator

The publicity coordinator helps in establishing budgets. She/he develops the slogans and the respective style of campaign. She / he designs various pamphlets, handouts and flyers. The professional supervises the speech writers and the advertisers and constantly communicates with the media. They take care of the public speakings and public representations.

Research Coordinator

A research coordinator assists the candidate in researching the key issues. She/he researches about the opponent’s position and develop various strategies to be implemented, in order to contest in the elections.

Scheduling Coordinator

The scheduling coordinator keeps record of all the appointments and meetings of the candidate. They work with the volunteer coordinator to arrange the event schedules for the candidate. They track the deadlines of the campaigns and take the necessary actions.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator recruits the volunteers for the campaigns and organizes them into groups. S/he assigns various roles to the particular group of volunteers. The coordinators provide the necessary information about the campaign to the volunteers and make them understand all the key objectives of the campaign.


The volunteers are at the bottom of the political campaign hierarchy. They perform various grass root level functions such as addressing envelopes, canvassing voters on behalf of the campaign and updating relevant data related to the campaign on a regular basis, onto the database. They are employees who work on a part time basis with the campaigns.

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