Premier League Hierarchy

Premier League is the most popular sports league in the world and the one with the highest revenue. It is England’s top domestic league and is home to some of most famous football clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Blackburn Rovers and Arsenal etc. Premier League plays a great role in enriching the football culture of England, where Association football is a national game.

The Premier League was founded in the year 1992, when the top football clubs of England broke away from the pre-established Football League. There is a total of 20 clubs in the Premier League. All the shareholders have equal rights and responsibilities. In this particular article, we will discuss about the Premier League hierarchy in detail with following levels:

Premier League Hierarchy
Premier League Hierarchy
  • Chairman
  • Vice-chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Athletic Director
  • League Secretary
  • Little Scholars Coordinator

The Premier League is one of the lucrative leagues in the world. All the operations of the league are coordinated by the Chairman and a Board of Directors. The league sends its representatives to the UEFA European Club Forum. In the sporting season, each of the 20 clubs plays the other twice. There are three points awarded for every win and one point is awarded for every draw. The club with the most points becomes the champion.


The chairman supervises all the business affairs of the Premier league. The various other job responsibilities of a chairman are reviewing the accident reports, processing the insurance claims of the players, securing fields and providing support to the association secretary. Basically he overlooks all the aspects of the premier league and heads all the issues.


The vice-chairman performs all the duties of a chairman in his/her absence. In addition, the vice-chairman performs other duties such as managing the inventories, checking the status of the sporting equipments etc. He acts as the assistant to the chairman and assists him in most of the tasks.


Treasurer holds the third position of the Premier League hierarchy. The treasurer is responsible for managing the financial records of the corporation. S/he maintains the accurate accounts of all the business transactions. S/he reports the financial status of the corporation to the Board of Directors at regular intervals of time.

Athletic Director

The athletic director manages all the team assignments. The athletic director recruits the coaches for the corporation, in order to impart quality training to the players. The director also ensures that all the safety rules and regulations are being enforced in the right way. In addition, s/he investigates the personal issues of the football personnel and communicates with the President and the Board of Directors regarding the complaints or issues.

League Secretary

The league secretary is one of the important positions of the Premier League hierarchy. S/he prepares an agenda for the scheduled Board meetings. S/he carries out all the functions as directed by the Board of members and the Athletic director.

Little Scholars Coordinator

The coordinator collects report cards from each participant. S/he manages all the paper works of the award and scholarship programs that are held in the association.

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