Racial Hierarchy in Australia

Race is predominantly a social stratification, associated with different concepts in the different parts of the world. Race is related to ethnicity, which means that the people sharing the same cultural backgrounds belong to the same races. Race is also dependent on the physical appearances of the people. They are classified into different Australian Social races depending upon their physical color. In this particular article, we will discuss about the racial hierarchy in Australia. Generally, in most of the countries; racial hierarchy is formed in such a way that the whites are at the top and the blacks are at the bottom. Let’s take a detailed look at the racial hierarchy.

Racial Hierarchy in Australia
Racial Hierarchy in Australia

White Australian: This is a broad ethnic group based in Australia. This group is comprised of the white people born in Australia. This large group of Australians includes English Australians, Irish Australians, Scottish Australians, German Australians, Greek Australians and Italian Australians.  All the above groups are of European descent. The other white groups of non-European descent are Lebanese Australians and Turkish Australians.

Albanian Australians: These are the residents of Australia and belongs to Albanian ancestry.

Anglo-Celtic Australians: The people of this group have British and Irish descent. The people of this group hold the major percentage of the population of Australia, since the European settlement of Australia in the year 1788.

Arab Australian: The Arab Australia ethnic group is comprised of people having ancestral relation with Arab. The various subgroups of this group are Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese, Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians and Algerians.

Chilean Australian: The people of this group are Chilean descendants. They constitute the biggest group of the Latin American Australians in the nation. This particular race group of the racial hierarchy in Australia, are mainly found in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

Chinese Australian: The Chinese Australians are immigrants from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Croatian Australian: These are the people of Croatian ancestry.

Danish Australian: These are the people of Danish ancestry.

Dutch Australian: The people of this ethnic group belonged to the Dutch ancestry.

German Australian: This constitutes one of the largest ethnic groups in Australia. They are the people of German origin.

Italian Australian: These are the people belonging to Italian ancestry.

Japanese Australians: These are the original inhabitants of Japan. This ethnic group is mainly found in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Korean Australian: These people are associated with the Korean ancestry.

Polish Australian: This class of people are inhabitants of Poland. The Polish Australian population is mainly found in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

Slovene Australians: These people are of Slovene origin.

Swedish Australians: These are a large group of immigrants from Sweden.

Thai Australian: This group is related to the Thai descent. This group of the prevailing racial hierarchy in Australia is mainly based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Torres Strait Islanders: These are the indigenous people of the Torres Strait Islands of Australia. They are genetically linked to the Melanesian people.