Real Estate Company Hierarchy

A real estate company indulges in selling, renting and purchasing of the residential, commercial and industrial properties. Real estate company requires a proper system of work which can be introduce systematic way of working for enhancing its business.

Such companies often work hard for making a good reputation in market and building client friendly relationship . Hierarchy helps in optimizing work and enhances performance in all the aspects of the real estate company like in other companies and businesses. In Real Estate it helps in the same way by coordinating and delegating tasks. There are three levels in the real estate company hierarchy:

Real Estate Company Hierarchy

  • Top Level Management
  • Mid Level Management
  • base Level Management 

Top Level Management

This  level of hierarchy is composed of the top officials of the company who are involved in finalizing and making all the major decisions of the company like new goals, strategy to achieve objective etc. Planning, marketing, finance, development, management are some responsibilities divided among the professionals who work in this level. Highly experienced and talented professionals are hired at these top level designations. The main role of these  professionals in the real estate company hierarchy is to raise companies market value.

There professional designations at this level are stated below

  • Director
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief operating Officer
  • Managing Director
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Senior Accounting Manager
  • Senior Law Consultant 

Mid Level Management

In this level of hierarchy are the professionals who compose the middle level management. Their  main role is to give administrative support and overall business development to the company. Speaking opportunities, leadership programs, etc are arranged by professional in this level to build good public relationship as it is very important. They help in efficient working of the real estate Company by taking good care of controlling components, asset accounting, financial accounting and material management. The main role of the working professionals in this hierarchy is to reach their given objectives.

There is hierarchy within this level as well, which is stated below:

  • Project Director
  • General Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Deputy Director
  • Assistant director
  • Accounting & payroll Manager
  • Legal Consultant
  • Legal Assistant 

Base Level Management

In this level of Hierarchy are the lowest level working professionals who are at the early phase of their career. They work under the professionals who are at the mid level  of the hierarchy. They work as team and achieve their given targets under the guidance of higher officials. These professionals are responsible for making good relationship with clients. This business is all about gathering good assets and making long term clients by showing impressive work and work ethics. Thus,  main role of professionals at this level is to work smoothly and efficiently on the given targets on time.

There is hierarchy within this level as stated below:

  • Regional Manager
  • Admin Manager
  • Brokerage Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Executive