Resort Management Hierarchy

Resorts are those places that are used for recreation as well as relaxation purpose by the people. These are favorite places of visitors during holidays and vacations. Resort management plays a vital role in the successful working of any resort since this business directly depends on good hospitality and is an important element of wide hospitality industry. There are many management levels in the resort management hierarchy and all these are explained below in brief in a descending order means the highest job title is placed at the top and the lowest one at the end. Just have a quick look.

Resort Management Hierarchy
Resort Management Hierarchy
  • Top Level Management:
    • Director
    • Manager
    • Middle Level Management
      • Assistant Manager
      • HR Manager
      • Lower Level Resort Management
        • Chefs or Cook
        • Waiter
        • Supporting Staff

Top Level Resort Management

The highest level in the resort management hierarchy incorporates administrative level management and includes these following positions –

  • Director – Normally the owner of the resort occupies this explicit and honorable management level in resort management hierarchy. The major decision making is done under the director’s supervision.
  • Manager – The highest level of the hierarchy of resort jobs is the resort manager. The entire resort’s smooth working and staff and their functioning is managed by the manager along with the care to be taken for the client and their satisfaction.

Middle Level Resort Management

The middle level resort management includes handling of daily basis work and organized and handling the team members and their work efficiently. This includes following ranks:

  • Assistant Manager –This professional is in charge of the resort in absence of the manager and performs his duties covetously. This is the highest executive level in the resort management hierarchy.
    • HR Manager – The recruitment work along with amorous care of the calculation of the salaries of the resort employees and maintaining track of the attendance of the employees and many more such duties are employed by an HR manager.

Lower Level Resort Management

The lowest level of resort management hierarchy incorporates all the lower level staff of the resorts that performs different small level yet crucial tasks of the resort. This includes following –

  • Chefs or Cook – the chef works mainly in a resort kitchen to prepare, season and cook meals for resort patrons. Along with cooking, a chef is also responsible for overseeing the kitchen staff and ensuring the kitchen complies with health standards.
  • Waiter – Though this is the lowest resort management level yet quite important since it is said that a resort’s success depends on its waiters as they provide a first direct impact on the customer regarding the resort while taking the orders.
  • Supporting Staff – This includes basically all the lowest level jobs. These positions include ardent job positions in the hierarchy of resort jobs like the room services, cleaners, helpers, kitchen helping staff etc.