Restaurant Management Hierarchy

Like any corporate organization, a restaurant also needs a specific hierarchy of positions in order to cater to all the emerging needs of the business. The restaurant business belongs to the food and beverage industry and many restaurants also have their business chains like the corporate sectors.

The restaurant management hierarchy may differ depending upon the style and size of the restaurant. Let’s talk about the hierarchy that is prevalent and what is the job role associated with the different levels of professionals.

Restaurant Management Hierarchy
Restaurant Management Hierarchy


The owners own the restaurant and they perform various important duties so as to sustain the business in the top notch condition. The owners review all the work procedures on a continuous basis and they are always in search of new ways to enhance their services and offerings. They set the standards for the various operations of the restaurant.

Corporate Executives

Like any other organization, the corporate executives like the chief executive officers, the chief financial officers and the chief operations officer play a leading role in the operation of the restaurant business.

Chief Executive Officer: The chief executive officer reports to the shareholders or the investors of the restaurant and develops various strategies for operational improvement.

Chief Financial Officer: The chief financial officer oversees the various essential accounting jobs and reports to the chief executive officer (CEO). The professional prepares the monthly and yearly financial statements and makes recommendations to the management in accordance with the updated financial reports.

Chief Operations Officer: The COO is responsible for developing the brand and for creating various strategic plans to enhance the quality of the products. The professional ensures that all the services and products meet the codes and standards of the restaurant.

Regional Managers

The regional managers of the restaurant manage all the operations of the restaurant chains of a particular geographical area. They act as communicators between the individual restaurants and the corporate offices.

Franchise Owners

The franchise owners are the individual owners of the restaurants at the different locations. The franchise owners also own more than one restaurant. All the owners of the different geographical region should adhere with the code of conduct of the restaurant. They must maintain the standards as set forth by the stakeholders of the restaurant.

Restaurant Managers

The restaurant manager manages the day to day operations of the restaurant. The manager keeps track of the daily sales, makes the everyday schedule and handles the employee relations. They act as a bridge between the employees and the higher management and communicate with the management regarding various issues.

Executive Chef

The executive chef can be called as the manager of the kitchen. They undertake all the major activities of the kitchen from thoroughly checking the meals to directing the assistant chefs. They report to the restaurant managers regarding the inventory and the ordering issues.

Front of the House Managers

They assist the executive chefs and the managers in the tasks relating to customer relations.

Shift Leaders

Shift leaders hold the last position in the restaurant management hierarchy and they perform functions like serving the courses, taking orders, handling the bar etc.

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