Retail Industry Management Hierarchy

The retail industry consists of retail stores that offer a wide range of products to the customers all under one roof. Similar to other organizations around the world, the retail industry also has its own organizational structure to divide the responsibilities among the various working professionals as this helps in carrying out the tasks easily and also maintain the daily records of the store. Below given are the major job positions under retail industry management.

retail industry management hierarchy

Area Manager

The main responsibility of the area manager is to look after all the retail stores under the same name in a particular area. He or she needs to maintain the record of all the retail stores that fall under his or her area and present the records at the Retail company corporate office or the head office. The area manager also needs to deal with all purchase and sales issues of the stores and the company. Another major responsibility of the area manager is to develop effective strategies and ensure that the stores are running smoothly and are also achieving the desired sales target.

Head Store Manager

Productive output and the smooth functioning of the stores depend on the head store manager. The key role of the head store manager is to hire appropriate professionals who can look after the daily specific tasks of the store. This is a very important responsibility as this ensures that the overall operations of the store are looked after.

He/she is also required to train the employees and encourage them so that they can achieve their targets. He/she is also responsible in ensuring that the relationship with the staff and the customer is good as this genuinely helps in the long run. The person at the post is also the main link between the employees and the area manager and solves the problems of the employees regarding selling the items.

Assistant Store Manager

The key function of the assistant store manager is to train the employees on selling and displaying the items. The demo of a newly launched product has to be given by him/her and they also needs to do the necessary market research and analyze the market trend and check if the store is lacking something. He/she also needs to decide on the placing of the items and also review the weekly sales of the store. Any issues regarding any employee need to be taken to the assistant store manager.

Floor Manager

The Floor manager needs to look after everything in his/her floor and keep and maintain records of all the stocks that are available and are required to be replaced. He/she also needs to ensure that the floor is organized and the workers are doing their duties.

Account Manager

As the title suggest, the account manager in the Retail industry management hierarchy looks after the accounts of the store. He/she needs to maintain all purchase and sales records and also enter each and every transaction in a register and keep a track of the cash flow that is taking place on a daily basis. All credit and debit matters are also maintained by the person at the post.