Retail Store Management Hierarchy

Retail store offers huge range of products to customers under one roof. Like all organizations retail stores also have organizational structure to delegate the responsibilities amongst the various professionals. An effective store management retail corporate hierarchy is helpful to carry out various routine tasks and maintain records in a retail store.

The role and responsibilities of the various professionals in retail store management hierarchy are as follows:

Retail Store Management Hierarchy

Area manager

Area manager is responsible to handle the retail in a particular area. The area manager maintains the records for all retail stores available in the specific area and presents those in the head office or corporate office. Area manager has to handle all the sale and purchase issues the retail stores and their Retail company. One of the major responsibilities of the area manager is to develop a strategy to run a smooth business and get the fruitful results.

Head store manager

Smooth functioning and productive output of the retail store depends on the head store manager. The role of the head store manager in a retail store includes hiring appropriate persons for the specific tasks. This is a key factor in the overall operations of the retail store. They train and encourage their employees to get the effective growth. Head store manager has to make a strong relationship between staff and the customers which is very useful in the long run. Head store manager is the main co-coordinator between the area manager and other employees. If employees are finding any difficulty in selling the items, he discusses the matter with area manager and comes up with the effective solution.

Assistant store manager

The major responsibility of the assistant store manager is to train the employees for selling and displaying the items. If company is launching a new product then he provides the demo to the staff. They do the market research to analyze the latest trends and styles and also find out as to where they are lacking. Reviewing the sales on weekly basis is also his/her responsibility. He/she also decides the positioning of various products in the store.

Floor manager

In the retail store management hierarchy, the floor manager is responsible for the particular floor in which he has to keep all the records for stocks available and required. His role is to keep the eye on all the workers and keep the floor organized. If he has some issues regarding the employees or the workers he can talk to assistant store manager and sort out the matter.

Account manager

As the word suggests he/she is related to accounts. Account manager’s duty includes maintaining all the sale and purchase records. He has to enter each and every transaction in his register or sheet to maintain the accounts. Account manager enters all the credit and debit related details in the accounts in the retail store and keeps track of cash flow of the store.