Shipping Company Hierarchy

A shipping or logistics company is a kind of a company which is involved in courier services, shipping of various products and logistics services. There is a lot of documentation, communication and coordination involved in running such a company and all of this cannot be done without the involvement of various departments and employees.

There is a certain hierarchical structure followed within a shipping company according to which the jobs and responsibilities are divided department wise and position wise. To understand this shipping company hierarchy better, you can go through the following given information.

Shipping company hierarchy

The Top Level Executives

The top level executives of a shipping company are the individuals who are responsible for running the organization, looking after the various operations and making sure that the finances and accounts are handled well. They include the board of directors, president, general manager, chairman and other C-level employees. The following are the various top level positions in a Shipping company:

  • Chairman
  • Board of directors
  • Director
  • General Manager
  • Partners
  • Owner

The Technical Team

The technical team of a shipping company is the team of workers who handle the technical aspect of the business and make sure that departments like fleet, repairs etc. are run smoothly. The following are some of the job positions of the technical team.

  • Technical superintendents
  • Technical President
  • Fleet managers
  • Technical staff
  • Repair men
  • Auto maintenance

Purchase and Procurement

Another important department of a shipping company is the purchase and procurement department. The main job of this department is to communicate with suppliers, ship chandlers and other such entities to procure licenses, purchase new fleet. This team works in guidance and collaboration with the technical team.

The Operations Team

This is the department which is responsible for ensuring that all operations of shipping take place smoothly, on time and within budget. The operations team is headed by an operational head and may have several other employees as well.  The employees of this team are required to get port clearances, local agent appointment etc.

The Finance and Marketing Departments

The finance and marketing departments are engaged respectively in the finance and marketing related activities. The following are some of the job positions of this department:

  • The finance director
  • The marketing manager
  • Marketing executives
  • Finance executives
  • Accounting head
  • Advertising manager

The Fleet Personnel Department

This is the department which is concerned with the recruitment and management of the sailing staff. They make sure that the fleet personnel are qualified, well trained and competent.