Siemens Management Hierarchy

Siemens is a German origin company, founded on 12 October 1847. It is the largest Europe based company of electrical and electronic engineering company, with it’s headquartering in Munich, Germany. There are five main sections of this company, namely, Energy, Industry, Healthcare, Siemens Financial Services or SFS and Infrastructure.

There are several subsections of these sections, such as, building technologies, drive technologies, osram, industry solution and mobility, renewable energy, oil and gas, power transmission; diagnostic etc. the company operates over 190 regions. In 2011, its annual revenue was calculated to be 73.5 billion Euros.

A business enterprise of such a huge magnitude is bound have a broad and complicated hierarchical set up. The administration of the company can be divided into three parts,

  • Managing Board
  • Supervisory Board
  • Businesses.

Siemens Management Hierarchy

Managing Board

This board comprises of the people who are in charge of the management of the company.

  • President and Chief Executive Officer

The head of the managing board is the President and the chief executive officer of the company. It is his duty to supervise upon all the aspects of the enterprise.

  • Members of the Managing Board

Under the leadership of the President and CEO of the company work the members of the managing board. Currently there are 6 members in the board other than the President. It is their responsibility to discuss the policies and projects of the company and take them up accordingly. Each of the members heads a different section of Siemens.

Supervisory Board

The duty of the supervisory board is to supervise upon the work that is undertaken by the company. It currently has 20 members, of which, half represent the shareholders of the company while the other half represents the employees of the company. The term of some of current members will expire on 2018, while a few will continue to be the member up to 2021.

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board

He is the head of the supervisory board, he along with his other colleagues, oversees the project, performances and policies of the company.

  • First and Second Deputy Chairman/ Chairwoman

The first deputy chairwoman is also a representative of the employees, while the second deputy chairman.

  • Chairman/ chairwomen and supervisory board members

There are a number of chairmen and chairwomen of various committees along with a number of supervisory board members, and executive board members, who form the rest of the supervisory board.


The Company has a number of separately managed businesses, along with various sections. A chief executive officer, in charge of that section of the company, heads each of these sections and the separately managed businesses.

  • Chief Executives

Here, there are a number of chief executives, who are in charge of each section of the company, such as CEO power generation, CEO mobility, CEO building technologies etc.

Thus, this is the hierarchical set up of the company Siemens, where around 427, 000 employees work all over the world.