Software Career Hierarchy

IT industry has risen with a huge drift in the world especially in last two decades. Companies from all sectors, from technology to financial sector, require software professionals for discrete tasks. These professionals take care from planning, designing to supporting complex yet unique user applications in an efficient manner.

Software career hierarchy will integrate all the possible levels and profiles that a software professional can attain in his career. This will include the entry level fresher software professional to the highest chief technical officer. These levels can be categorized broadly in three levels.

Software Career Hierarchy
Software Career Hierarchy

Senior Level Career Hierarchy

This is the highest level job profile that a software professional can gain in the course of his career. These professionals are more implicated into decision making progressions. These professionals are administrative rich professionals equipped with extensive corporate perspective, immensely great technical skills and excellent managerial skills. Following are the profiles that acquire highest level in the hierarchy of Software company.

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Software Configuration Management Administrator
  • Project Head
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Lead Software Project Engineer
  • Senior Software Programmer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Senior Software QA Engineer
  • Technical Recruitment Manager
  • Senior Software Testing Manager

Middle Level Career Hierarchy

The base level professionals after gaining sufficient experience enter middle level software career hierarchy in their career. The officials at this level of software career hierarchy are allied with specific technical departments and are responsible for managing their specific departments & the team by applying their managerial & technical skills. This level of software career hierarchy incorporate following job profiles –

  • Software Quality Assurance Tester
  • Software QA Engineer
  • Software Application Engineer
  • Software Project Manager
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Senior Process Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • System Programmer
  • SDLC Implementation Manager
  • Senior C/C++ Software Engineer

Lower Level Career Hierarchy

This is the lowest level in the software career hierarchy. The officials at this level are those experts who are specialized in some specific technology related with the broad software field. There are numerous diverse profiles that are served by officials at this level of the career. Further these officials are fresh graduates or those who have little experience in their field but gain vital experience with the course of time. From this base level onwards, these officials start taking superior leaps in their career but within the field of their specialization.

  • Lead C++ Software Engineer
  • Assistant System Administrator
  • Configuration Manager
  • Database Administrator Software
  • Software Quality Engineer
  • Senior Software Analyst
  • Software Technician
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Analyst
  • Software Associate
  • Software Trainee