Software Jobs Hierarchy

Software jobs hierarchy basically explains the levels of jobs one can achieve in the field of software technology. The jobs hierarchy is normally same in all the streams which come under software job hierarchy like

Software Jobs Hierarchy
Software Jobs Hierarchy
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Programmer

In all these streams, there are many job titles which companies normally use, but the normal trend of job titles are mentioned below with a brief description:

Software Scientist

This is the highest rank achievable in the software jobs hierarchy. This is a job title which is rarely achieved. These professionals possess many years of experience and immense fervent knowledge of the software field. They possess MS or PhD in computer science. This job title is not used normally in every company, but in high authorized government as well as private agencies.

High level Software Engineers

Prior to mid level and entry level software fields, the highest level attained normally in the software companies is high level software engineer field which is project manager.

  • Project Manager–Normally this is the highest job title used in the companies but it may vary from organization to organization. These professionals are provided with a job duty of implementation of the principles of software concepts to design, develop, test, maintain and evaluate various aspects of software stream.
  • These professionals handle the major project for the companies. They are basically responsible to head the SDLC (Software development Life Cycle) for the organization.

Mid level Software Engineers

This is the base level in the software jobs hierarchy. The entry level software professionals after working for few years and attaining vital experience and in depth knowledge in their field get promoted to this higher level.

  • Senior Supervisor – These are the module leaders for the company. These are experienced and ardent professionals providing expectant and fervent supervision to the mid level and entry level software professionals.
  • Senior Software Analyst – Software analysts get promoted to this job title. These professionals guide their team of software analysts, junior engineers and trainees.
  • Software Analyst – The lowest job title in the mid level software professionals is of a software analyst. Such professionals take over the responsibility of preparing the software requirements for the company under the guidance of a senior software analyst.


Entry level Software Engineers – Every software professional starts his career with the entry level designations and then enhance their career by attaining experience with time. The job titles of the entry level software engineers are described as below –

  • Junior Engineer – After achieving a year or two year’s experience as trainee, these professionals get promoted to a higher job title i.e. of junior engineers. This is the second lowest job title in the software jobs hierarchy.
  • Trainee Engineer – All software professionals start their career as a trainee in any company. These are the professionals who join a company after just finishing the college and entering a software career path.

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