Spain Police Hierarchy

The national civilian police force of Spain is commonly referred to as the National Police Corps.  The CNP is that agency in Spain which is responsible for policing the urban areas of the country.  Some of the tasks and duties which CNP handles include immigration matters, criminal investigations and judicial and terrorism related matters.

To be a part of the CNP, one has to be a born Spanish, must be between 18 and 30 years of age and should not be a convicted criminal.  One may enter the Spanish police force as a policeman which is the most basic positions in the force but with experience and hardwork, anyone can climb up the ladder of hierarchy. To understand the hierarchy within the Spanish police better, you can go through the following given information.

Spain police hierarchy

Director General of police-The director of police is the head of the police force of Spain and the highest authority in CNP.

Operational deputy director-underneath the Director General of Police comes the operational deputy director who too is a very senior and respected member of CNP.

Sub director general-The sub director general reports to the operational deputy director and holds a position of a lot of value and importance.

Commissary general and divisional chief-this position comes after the sub director general’s position.

Superior chief

Senior commissary


Chief inspector

Inspector-the inspector heads the investigations for each region or police station

Sub inspector- the sub inspector reports to the inspector

Police officer- underneath the sub inspector comes the position of a police officer.

Policeman/policewoman- this position is the entry level or most basic positions within the CNP and only after gaining a few years of experience at this post can one be promoted to that of a police officer.

Besides these ranks or job positions in the Spain police hierarchy, there are many specialist units as well. These are given as follows:

GEO-This unit is the special operations tactical unit

GOES-This unit is equivalent to the SWAT Units

SCDE-NRBQ-This is a specialized team which is involved in explosive artifacts defusal and CRBN related tasks.

BIT-This unit is involved in computing crime investigations.

UIP-This is the unit which performs anti-riot tasks in Spain.

UDYCO-This is the drugs and organized crime investigation squad of Spain.

UDEV-This is that agency in Spain which investigates various types of crimes that are related to cultural and artistic heritage.

UCDEF-This specialized unit works against monetary crimes.

Guias Caninos-This is the canine unit which is basically involved in people, drugs and explosive detection.

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