Spanish Royal Hierarchy

The parliamentary system of Spain, which has been implemented in the year 1978, is quite similar to that of Great Britain. Spain exhibits a parliamentary system with a Constitutional Monarchy.

According to this system, the king represents Spain on an international level and is the head of the state. The King has the power to recommend the candidates to serve the role of the head of the different section of government, but the proposal of the King need to be approved by the Parliament in order to be executed.

Let’s take a detailed look at the Spanish royal hierarchy. The royal family of Spain started from the era of King Juan Carlos I followed by Queen Sofia, Crown Prince Felipe of Asturias, Princess Letizia, Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and so on.

Spanish Royal Hierarchy
Spanish Royal Hierarchy

King Juan Carlos I

King Juan Carlos I was born in Rome. In the year 1955, he started his education and training at the military academies of the Army, Navy and Air Force. He married Princess Sofia of Greece on 14th May, 1962. In the year 1969, he was designated as the next king of the State. He was declared as the king of Spain on November 22, 1975.

Queen Sofia

She was born in Athens on 2nd November, 1938. She was the daughter of the King and Queen of Greece namely Paul I and Federika respectively. She spent a significant part of her childhood in South Africa and Egypt.

After she came back to her country in the year 1946, she pursued her education at the German boarding school of Schloss Salem. She married Prince Juan Carlos I on 14th May, 1962. She has three children namely Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and Prince Felipe. Queen Sofia is the head of the ‘Queen Sofia Foundation’; whose objective is to help the refugee people in Bosnia.

Crown Prince Felipe of Asturias

Prince Felipe, the third child of Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos was born on 30th January, 1968. He holds the second position in the royal hierarchy. On 30th January, 1986, he took oath of commitment to the King and the Constitution. In addition to the title Prince of Asturias, he also holds the title Prince of Viana and prince of Girona.

Princess Letizia

The Princess of Asturias, Letizia Rocasolano was born on 15th September 1972 in Oviedo. Before becoming the Princess of Asturias, she used to be a newscaster. Upon marriage with Prince Felipe, she became the Princess of Asturias.

Infanta Elena

Infanta Elena is the eldest daughter of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain. At present, she is second in line for the succession to the crown in the Spanish royal hierarchy, after her brother Prince Felipe.

Infanta Cristina

Infanta Cristina is the younger daughter of the King and Queen of Spain and holds the third place in the line of succession to the crown, after her elder brother Prince Felipe and sister Infanta Elena.