Spicejet Management Hierarchy

Spicejet is one of the most pocket friendly airlines companies, which operate mostly within India. It has its headquarter in Gurgaon, and, on a daily basis operates more than 290 flights, to 34 destinations, in India and to 9 other international cities.

An airline that carries the fourth largest number of passenger in India and it is. In 1993, an airline company was launched in India called Modiluft, but it ceased to operate within three years. In 2004, it was restarted as Spicejet, and as a low cost model. Its first international flight took off from Delhi on 7th October 2010.

The company, like all other enterprises has a management section, which is structured hierarchically. This hierarchy is important for the proper functioning of the company. Here is the hierarchical set up of spice jet.

Spicejet Management Hierarchy

Chief Executive Officer

At the top of the hierarchical set is the chief executive officer of Spicejet Company. The whole management and execution function of the company performs under his supervision. Under him there are some other office holders, who help him in various functions of the company, be it policymaking, financial decisions or legal problems.

Vice President (legal) and Co. Secretary

The second most important post in the organization is that of the vice president (legal) and co. secretary. Apart from being the co. secretary, this post holder is supposed to look after the legal affairs system of the company.


The next post of importance in the hierarchy is the secretary of the company. At present the same person who is in the post of vice president (legal) and co. secretary is holding the post. The secretary too plays an important part in making the policy decisions of the company. Since he is also handling the legalities of the company, it is easier for him to look after all the legal issues concerning the company policies.

Independent Director

In the company hierarchy, this post is also an important one. At present, there are two independent directors in the Spicejet Company. In the management, they too play important parts.

Chief Financial Officer

Financial matters are of extreme importance in any company, and Spice Jet is not different to any other company in this matter. Thus, the post of chief financial officer is also of vital importance. It is the duty of this officer, to take care of all the plans, and actions about finances. There are several employees working in the financial section of the company and the chief financial officer might oversee their work.

Under this group of people, who enjoy the highest rank in the company, are different other employees, ground staff, flight crew etc, who help to run the company properly. Without their active participation, it is impossible to run a company successfully. There is also a board of directors in charge of various functions of the company, and heads of departments. Together they form the staff network of the company.

This is a hierarchical set up of Spicejet in short.