Sports Club hierarchy

A sport club is comprised of a group of members who voluntarily organize in order to enhance their common interests in a specific sport. Sport Clubs are intended for various other purposes, in addition to providing a common platform for the members to participate in their respective sport. Various other events associated with the sports club are club fundraising, Sports organization, scheduling, public relations, administration and fiscal management. Like in any other organization or group, there is also a need of sports club hierarchy or an organizational structure of the club, so as to ensure that the club runs effectively and the functions inside a club are carried out satisfactorily.

The sports club serves dual purpose such as; they provide channel for the members to participate in their respective sports choices and in addition, they also provide leadership opportunities to the students.

Many sport clubs are associated with a National Governing Body, which works in partnership with the regional and local bodies. NGB provides standards for the competition and safety guidelines in their respective sports.

Let’s take a look at a sports club hierarchy, which helps in increasing the efficiency of the sport clubs. The different levels of the hierarchy are as follows:

Sports Club Hierarchy
Sports Club Hierarchy


  • The president conducts various club meetings and maintains close communication with all the members of the club.
  • The president is well knowledgeable about the code of conduct of the sports club and s/he transmits this information to other members of the sports club.
  • The president keeps track of all the relevant records and documents of the club and assigns the appropriate tasks to other officers.


  • The vice-president assists the president in his/her duties.
  • In the absence of president, a vice-president performs the required tasks that are done by the president.


  • A treasurer handles all the financial matters associated with the sports club.
  • S/he maintains all the financial records and reports all the financial matters to the authorities.

Sports Club Coordinator

  • A sports club coordinator of the sports club hierarchy oversees all the important activities going on, in the sports club.

Sports Club Manager

  • A sports club manager reports to the coordinator at regular intervals of time and assist in all the activities of the sports club.
  • The manager attends the council meetings to discuss the ongoing issues within the sports club and designs appropriate strategy to resolve those issues.

Sports Club Executive Board

  • The Executive board is a group of elected members of the sports club.
  • The elected members are also called as sports club officers.
  • They oversee all the direct operations of their particular sport club.

Sports Club Coach

  • A coach in a sports club hierarchy is an individual who instructs the members to play the respective sport in a proper way.

Sports Cub Council

  • The Council makes recommendations on various aspects of the sports club program..
  • The Council is responsible for organizational development and fundraising.
  • The Council creates, organizes and maintains the fundraising events in order to subsidize the cost of managing the sports club.
  • The Council conducts various cub meetings from time to time to discuss the relevant issues.