Supermarket Management Hierarchy

In everyday life, supermarkets are important for most people. What exactly is a supermarket? It is a business enterprise providing services of various types to its customer. Interesting, a supermarket does not produce any physical products in general, on the contrary it acquires products from places that are far away, store them in the storehouse, distribute them to local shops and sell them to their local customer, for whom it could have been difficult to acquire the product from a remote supplier.

Supermarket Management Hierarchy

The supermarket is a huge and complicated private business enterprise involving various components such as

  • Groups of repeat customers, living in local areas under operation.
  • Retail store chains in good number.
  • Transports, of various types.
  • Distribution centers of warehouses.
  • Several product suppliers who have signed contracts with the supermarket.

While performing its day-to-day function, the supermarkets need a hierarchical structure of employees. The complicated structure of the employees is explained below

Company President or CEO

This is the highest rank position in the whole supermarket chain of hierarchy. He or she is responsible for all the decisions made, and the projects undertaken, the money invested etc.

Vice Presidents

under the CEO are the two or more vice Presidents

  • Vice President, Finance

Needless to say, he is the head of all the financial issues department of the enterprise, such as accounts, and billing.

  • Vice President, Human Resource

Another vice President of the supermarket is in charge of the human resource that is employed in the enterprise. He or she is responsible for the recruitment and development of the staff.

  • Vice President, Distribution

Under the company CEO is also the vice President of distribution. He handles the departments of Product placements, shipping and management of waste.

Regional Managers

These employees head various regions, according to the extent of the supermarket’s reach. Again, under them there are three departments, with several employees. These are store managers, customer service and associates. Store managers are in charge of various stores, customer service looks after the grievances of the customer and so on.


This is another department under the CEO of the enterprise. It also has two separate sections, namely, purchasing, the section that purchases various supplies, and the receiving and inspection section that receives the supply and inspect the quality and quantity of the goods.

Public Relation

Another important section of the supermarket, the public relation department is also under the supervision and control of the CEO. Public relation contains several sections such as advertising, whereby, people are made familiar to the supermarket, reputation building, or image building, so that people are drawn to a specific supermarket. The products that are sold reaches the customer, and the research and development, which ensures the supermarket is in line with the customers’ needs and demands, and develop their products to sell, rather supply them accordingly.

Thus, it is seen from the hierarchical structure described above that the supermarket is an enterprise, with huge and complex hierarchical structure. Also know about Walmart Business Hierarchy.