TCS Technical Hierarchy

TCS or Tata Consultancy services limited is an Indian multinational company with its main headquarters located in Mumbai, India.  The company provides consultancy and business solutions to clients and operates from over 46 countries.  TCS has thousands of employees working for it and gives its work force a good environment and atmosphere to work in.

From transparent promotions to a strict TCS career hierarchy, the company follows sophisticated policies to remain fair to all. Within the many departments and segments at TCS, one of the most important ones is the Technical department. To understand the hierarchy or job progression within this section, you can go through the following given information.

TCS technical hierarchy

Principal Consultant

The highest position in the technical department or team at TCS is that of the principal consultant. He is the head of technical consultancy and makes major decisions in this department. The principal consultant is responsible for designating duties and giving instructions to the others.


At the next position is the consultant who deals with clients, understands their requirements and uses his/her experience and expertise in the technical field to give suggestions and advice on business solutions. He is the one who is also responsible for recruiting other technical team members and acts as a channel between the clients and technical experts. The consultant may or may not choose to have an assistant who is known as assistant consultant or IT analyst.

  • Assistant consultant/IT analysts-this is the individual who works under the consultant and takes instructions from him. He must handle day to day tasks and support the consultant in dealing with clients, handling communication and making reports etc.

Team Lead, Technical Lead

The technical team lead or lead falls at the third highest position in the hierarchical order at TCS technical department. It is the job of the team lead or technical lead is to head the team of technical experts and engineers and also to make maintain work records, reports, coordinate and present work related information to the consultants and other seniors etc.

Senior Software Engineer

Below the position of the technical lead is that of the senior software engineer. It is the senior software engineer who has all the major programming responsibilities of the company and is responsible to execute them within the budget and the time constraints. He is the one who delegates the various duties to those who are present under him. The senior software engineer is more experienced, qualified and skilled than other subordinate engineers and possesses about 5-7 years of experience.

Associate/Assistant Software Engineer

After the position of the senior software engineer comes the position of the associated or assistant software engineer. This individual is also referred to as the systems engineer and works as an assistant to the senior software engineer. He may or may not be part of projects headed by technical lead but works as per the instructions of the senior engineer. He spends most time working on computer systems and also provides support to the team members.