Tesco Business Hierarchy

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise seller company which has its headquarters in England. Like all other companies, even Tesco follows a certain hierarchical structure according to which the business positions and responsibilities are divided into many parts so that proper and smooth working can take place and that the workplace is always well coordinated. The ones at the top of the business pyramid have the maximum responsibilities and power.

Tesco Business hierarchy

President, CEO

At the top of the hierarchical pyramid of the company comes the president or the CEO of the company. The current CEO is Julio Manuel Quintana.  The president sits on top of all the other positions and holds the maximum say in the governance of the company. He is the manager of the managers and the head of the administrative staff.


Next in line of the TESCO business hierarchy is the Chairman who is the chairman or head of the board of directors and plays an important part of the decision making process. This position is currently occupied by Michael Sutherlin. Under the chairman, all the other important positions of the business come.

Senior Vice President and CFO

Both the Senior Vice President and CFO come at the same level of business position in TESCO and currently, this position is occupied by the same person who is Christopher L Boone. The senior vice president reports to the president and handles many important duties. He is also the head of the finance departments and handles the money matters.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Fernando Rafael Assin is the current executive vice president as well as the chief operating officer at TESCO. This position comes under that of the president and the person recruited on it is responsible for handling the operational duties of the workplace on a day to day basis. This is a senior level position and one that comes with great responsibility.

Senior Vice President of Top Drive and Surface Produce

This is another senior level position and the current occupant of this position, Jeffrey L Foster is the head and top level executive of the top drive and surface produce departments.

Vice President of Manufacture and General Manager

As far as the manufacturing division is concerned, the vice president holds a key role. He is also currently the general manager who supervises the duties of all the other managers of the company. The current occupant of this position is Darko Ulakovic.