Thailand Police Hierarchy

The national police of Thailand is known as the Royal Thai Police and its main responsibility is to see to it that the laws of the country are followed by the citizens and whoever breaches these laws is appropriately punished.   There are 30 police bureaus under RTP and another 6 divisions as well The Thailand National Police department of TNPD is a unitary agency which has fulfills the function of enforcement of law and is a very powerful body.  The Thai Police has a well detailed hierarchical structure on the basis of which it functions and divides power.

The following is the Thailand Police hierarchy which will give you an idea of who does what in Thai Police department. The Thai police is divided into many services and regions, each with its own powers and they are as follows:

A) Director General of Police

This director general of Police in Thailand holds the topmost position in the police department of the country and is also known as the Commission general of the Royal Thai Police.

B) Border Patrol Police Division

This police division is a paramilitary force of 40000 people and consists of the following positions:

1. BPP Support division

2. BPP Tactical training division

3. BPP general staff division

4. BPP Districts 1 through 4

5. BPP Counter insurgency training center

6. BPP Village scouts center

7. Police aerial reinforcement unit-Consists of airborne training, sea air rescue unit and counter terrorism unit

8. BPP nawutti Somdejya hospital

C) Central Investigation Bureau

The CIB of Thailand is also an integral part of its police force and helps in minimizing criminal activity and reducing has the following subdivisions

1. Special Branch

2. The Crime Suppression Division

3. Licenses division registered and licensed firearms, gambling units and other establishments.

4. The Criminal records office

  •  Office of immigration bureau
  • Narcotics Suppression Bureau
  •  Office of Logistics
  • Office of Royal Court Security Police
  • Provincial police division
  • Tourist police
  • Immigration police division
  • Marine Police division
  • Metropolitan police division

These were the main departments or branches of Thailand police. Let’s now look at the main job positions within Royal Thai Police or RTP:

Commissioned Officers

The following is a list of all the commissioned officers who are a part of the Royal Thai Police:

1. Director General-He is the supreme commander of the entire police force and has the power to supervise, direct, control and implement actions throughout Thailand.  He has supervision of over 200000 police officers in the country.

2. Deputy Director General-There are a total of 12 deputy director generals in Thailand.

3. Assistant Director General-There are a total of 17 assistant director generals in Thailand. They report to the director general of Police.

4. Police commissioner

5. Deputy Commissioner-The number of deputy commissioners in one Police bureau is dependent upon the workload of that bureau.

6. Superintendent

7. Deputy superintendent

8. Inspector

9. Sub inspector

Noncommissioned officers

The following is a list of all the noncommissioned officers who are a part of the Royal Thai Police.

1. Group leader

2. Patrol officer

3. Police senior sergeant major

4. Police sergeant major

5. Police sergeant

6. Police corporal

7. Police lance corporal

8. Police constable