UK Education Hierarchy

UK education hierarchy refers to the education system of United Kingdom. This education system is governed by the UK’s official ‘Department of Education’ with a support from ‘Department for Business, Innovation & Skills’. The education system in UK is systematically customized in a four way pattern. UK education hierarchy starts from the nursery education and goes up to the higher level education the tertiary education.

The starting age for the education in UK is set 3 years of age. According to the UK government a full time education is a must for all kids ranging between the age group from 5 to 17 years. The hierarchy is described below in w ell customized manner in a pattern of down to top form means here we are starting with the base level education form and proceeding further while ending with the highest level of the education system. Just have a quick look –

UK Education Hierarchy
UK Education Hierarchy

Nursery Schooling

This is the basic class of the education system in UK education hierarchy. Every child starts his study from this base level. The entry age for this class is in between 3-5 years normally. Highly suitable staff is appointed for this class who are effectually able to supervise & encourage educational play along with childcare. This is also referred to as pre-school education institution. This is basic introduction to schooling system and child learns the daily schooling habit at this level.

Primary Schooling

This in the UK education hierarchy is an institution where kids get their first stage of obligatory education – the elementary education. A child normally starts this education with the age of four or five and stay there till eleven or twelve. This further gets divided in two parts as below –

  • Infant School – This is a term that is used chiefly in UK education system where the kids between the age group of four to seven years rely.
  • Junior School – This is a type of school which supplies education to children between the age group of 7 to 11.

Secondary Schooling

This is the second stage of the UK education hierarchy.  This level provides the secondary education & typically is obligatory for a particular age group. This follows primary & elementary education. A child up to the age group of 16 or 17 normally completes this secondary education. Up to this level, education is must in UK.

Higher Education

Students usually come into university for higher education from age 18 onwards. They study here for a university degree. The education here is further of below type –

  • Bachelor’s Degree– This is a graduate program. It is normally of three-year duration. This is entry level education in the category higher education
  • Master’s Degree – This is a post graduate degree. This can be of one year or two year depending upon the course chosen.
  • Doctorate – This is quite high level education typically taken in approximate three or more years.

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