United States Racial Hierarchy

The United States Racial Hierarchy reflects the ideologies of Americans towards the concept of racism. This Hierarchy set the standards of the privileges of various races.

The population of United States is widely varied and the major races that form the United States Racial Hierarchy are White, American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Black (African American), Indigenous  Hawaiian and  Pacific Islander, some other race which is referred to people of two or more races. However they are widely spread throughout the United States and their proportion may vary from region to region.

United States Racial Hierarchy
United States Racial Hierarchy

The society was distinguished with various races which are described below:

  • White Americans: The mass that originally belonged to Europe, Middle East and North Africa constitute the major population of White Americans in the United States Racial Hierarchy. These people reside in almost fifty states and contribute to the majority of population, that is, 74 percent in the United States. They grab a huge percentage of mass as compared to those of non-Hispanic whites.
  • Though their ancestors belonged to Europe, Middle East and North Africa but since over a decade most of them realized their ancestors as Americans. This race is further classified into German Americans, French Americans and Irish Americans which are widely distributed over the area of United States. The ancestors of these sub races were reported as German, French and Irish respectively. These classes were also classified as Iranian, Armenian, Dutch, Latvian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak, Czech, New Zealand and Australian.
  • Black Americans: The people whose ancestors were found to be sub Saharan African were labeled and addressed as Black without considering their color. They lie in the minority region of the United States Racial Hierarchy with 13 percent out of the total population of the United States. This race of Black Americans was evolved when people from Africa working as slaves were transferred to the United States. However, their growth is increasing dramatically for the craving of trade and development.
  • Asian Americans: This category of the United States Hierarchy covers 4.4 percent of the total population of the United States and exists among the minority races. These people generally reside in New York, Boston, Houston and Chicago. Their ancestors are usually addressed in Philippines, India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, South Korea, Thailand and Japan racial . The diversity of their ancestors is hugely distributed.
  • Two or more races: The Americans with the combination of two or more races are referred to as two or more races or some other race Americans sharing 2.3 percent of the total population of the United States. This class of race arose due to the inter caste marriage of different races like the marriage of whites and blacks or may be some other race.
  • Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander: This racial class of the United States Hierarchy is very less in number with 0.14 percent of the total United States Population. The ancestors of this class were identified to be Asian and European. The organizations were specially built which were used by the mass of this class in their regions.