University Management Hierarchy

Every educational university works with the support of several staff members and workers. While teachers or educators form the backbone of any university, other workers like the support staff and administrative staff too hold as much importance. Management of a university is a complex task which cannot be done without administrator help at each level. So to understand the management hierarchy of a University, you can go through the following given information.


The Proprietor of a university holds the top level in the management and is the one who appoints other top level administration for the smooth functioning of the university. The Proprietor is the one who has control over the expenses and earning of the University.

Board of Trustees

The highest governing body of any university is the Board of Trustees. These members of the board are appointed by the proprietor and are responsible for policy making and financial management of the University.


Many universities consist of a council which is that group of administrators who have a direct say in the main tasks of management of the University.  They control the University property related matters and handle the expenses.

Vice Chancellor

The vice chancellor holds a lot of importance in the matters related to education and hiring of professors. The Vice chancellor is the Chairman of the meetings of the congregation which is a meeting that is conducted to discuss matters of University welfare.


The chancellor of a university is responsible for making decisions regarding education matters of the university and works with a group of people for advice. He is the chairman of the convocation meetings.

Departments and Faculties

Every university has separate departments for separate fields of studies such as Mathematics, Physics, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Commerce, Economics, and Statistics etc. Each of these departments can be termed as a Faculty for that particular subject or field.  Every faculty has its own hierarchical structure, which is given as follows:

  • Faculty board
  • Dean of faculty
  • Head of department
  • Lecturer
  • Teaching assistants
  • Temporary teachers
  • Faculty board of studies
  • Faculty board of review


This is another position in the management in a University and anyone employed at this position can be termed as the chief administrative officer of the university.  The registrar can be considered as the secretary of the governing council, the congregation and the senate.


The Bursar is the chief finance officer of the University and controls all the financial matters of the university.

University Librarian

The University Librarian is in charge of the management and administration of the library of the University and is responsible for ordering, purchasing and organization of books.

The following are some of the other management positions within a University which help in its smooth functioning and administration:

  • Director of academic planning
  • Director of works and physical planning
  • Director of health services
  • Dean of student affairs
  • University manager
  • Pro Chancellor
  • Deputy chancellor
  • Sports manager
  • Ground manager
  • Environmental manager
  • Facility manager
  • Canteen owner
  • Canteen manager
  • Stationary shop owner
  • Parking lot manager
  • Garden administrator