Venice Military Hierarchy

Venice is a beautiful city in the Northeast Italy. Venice military hierarchy explains the ranks of Venice military in a specified ladder of ranks which are further categorized according to NATO rules and regulations since Italy being a part of NATO countries. Below here in this article, we are explaining the Venice military hierarchy’s major rank structure:

Venice Military Hierarchy
Venice Military Hierarchy
  • General Level Officers
  • Senior Officers
  • Junior Officers
  • Marshals
  • Sergeant
  • Permanent Service Volunteers
  • Temporary Service Officers

These are the general rank structures, which are further subdivided into individual designations belonging to each structure.

General – The highest authority holder category in Venetian military hierarchy is further sub categorized into four sub categories which are explained in brief as below:

Generale (General) – The top most rank of Venetian military hierarchy with a NATO ranking OF – 10, a four star rank.

Generale di corpo d’armata (Lieutenant general) – Sub ordinate to Generale with a NATO Military ranking OF – 9, a three star rank.

Generale di divisione (Divisional General) – With a NATO military ranking OF – 8, higher in rank to Generale di brigata, a two star rank.

Generale di brigata (cc) – NATO ranking OF – 7, the lowest rank in the category of ‘General’, a one star rank.


  • Senior Officer – There are three sub categories of second highest category in Venetian military hierarchy and these are:

Colonnello (Colonel) – Highest rank in Senior Officer Category but sub ordinate to Generale di brigata, with a NATO ranking OF – 5.

Tenente Colonnello (Lieutenant Colonel) – With a NATO ranking OF – 4, a middle level commissioned officer rank.

Maggiore (Major) – Maggiore is the lowest rank in Senior Officer Category and having OF – 3 NATO ranking.


  • Junior Officer – Junior Officer is a lower level category of commissioned officers category in the Venice military hierarchy. The sub categories are further described as below:

Primo Capitano (First Captain) – Lower level commissioned officers with NATO ranking OF – 2.

Capitano (Captain) – Capitano also possess NATO ranking OF – 2 but is sub ordinate to Primo Capitano in terms of authorities.

Tenente (Lieutenant) – NATO ranking OF – 1 and acts as a commanding officer in absence of Primo Capitano as well as Capitano.

Sottotenente (Second Lieutenant) – Lower in authority to Tenente but having same NATO ranking as of Tenente i.e. OF – 1.

  • Marshals – These are also referred as Sub Officers in Venice military hierarchy. These are categorized as:

Maresciallo capo (Chief Marshal) – NATO ranking OR – 9.

Primo maresciallo luogotenente (First Marshal Lieutenant) – With a NATO ranking OR – 9.

Primo maresciallo (First Marshal) – NATO ranking OR – 9.

Maresciallo (Marshal) – NATO ranking OR – 8.

Maresciallo ordinario (Ordinary Marshal)NATO ranking OR – 8.


  • Sergeants – These are further categorized in Venice military hierarchy as below:

Sergente maggiore capo (Chief Sergeant Major) – NATO ranking OR – 7.

Sergente maggiore (Sergeant Major) – NATO ranking OR – 6.

Sergente (Sergeant) – With NATO ranking OR – 5.


  • Permanent Service Volunteers


  • Temporary Service Volunteers