Victorian Racial Hierarchy

The Victorian era was modified in terms of the attitude of the Britain and Europe with the help of science and religion. The Victorian Racial Hierarchy implemented certain standards and principles which highly influenced other nations like Russia, America, Spain and Scandinavia which lasted from nineteenth century to the commencement of the First World War. Many races existed in the Victorian Racial Hierarchy, but the English race had a great impact over other races. They were trying to develop the nation in order to decline the superiority of other nations.

Many inventions and developments were made by the English race and hence gaining attention by other races for the growth of the buildings, roads and cleanliness in Britain and increasing the prosperity of the Victorians. The people were becoming artistic and some of them were inhabited from Germany and as a result it also forms a part of the Victorians. But the people of Germany were very backward and humiliating the policies of development of the nation. They were not a part of the civilized society and were hindered from the growth and development. They were ill mannered as compared to the English race. They saw that all the inhabitants of Europe were Christians and hence they decided to convert their mankind into Christianity Religious.

The Victorian era came to an end with the beginning of the First World War and it defined an end of the Victorian Racial Hierarchy but introduced the development phase of the nation. Due to this growth in the ideologies of the people, all the races were seen as equal and readily no distinction between the races arose across the nation of Victorians but somehow in 1880 to 1890, a pride of superiority influenced them which led to the sense of superior race among inferior races. Some people at that time invokes the ideology of not to diminish the higher power races but instead to increase the standards of the lower power races. Some scientific theories were concluded which were based on the mixing of the superior and inferior races and enhancing its strength as a whole.

The people in Victorian Racial Hierarchy were classified on the basis of their social behavior and thus color was not a matter of fact in this Racial Hierarchy. Even the blacks were treated according to their social behavior that is they were given status according to their mannerism and aristocracy in the society. The blacks were becoming the part of the Victorian age according to their English conduct, regardless of their background and ancestors.

The Victorian era adopted the Darwin theory against the racial system. This theory concluded that all organisms struggle for their existence and in order to ensure the survival of all then they should be grouped and situated according to their fitness. In the similar way these classes of society were distinguished according to their fitness at certain place which was based on their social traits like English conduct, mannerism, behaviorism and most importantly their ideologies. By implementing these hierarchies the people on the top were able to reflect their superiority as compared to the inferior class.