VMware Job Hierarchy

VMware Inc. is a company based out of the United States of America which makes provisions of the IT related virtualization and cloud software needs of all of clients. It was founded in 1998 and is based in the Palo Alto region of California. The company has developed a range of products and is focused on the IT sector including vSphere, Workstation, ThinApp, ACE, and Lab Manager Etc. The VMware job hierarchy structure is thus complicated. A detail note on the various positions in the hierarchy of this company is given below.

VMware Job Hierarchy

Top Management i.e. CEO, President, VPs:

The first and the topmost layer of hierarchy at VMware consist of the CEO, president and vice presidents. The CEO i.e. the chief executive officer at the top of the chain and all other employees in the company report to him/ her (directly/ indirectly).

The next in the chain after the CEO are the following positions:

  • CFO (chief financial officer) and Executive VP
  • Senior VP and General Manager, Hybrid Cloud Services Business Unit
  • Executive VP & General manager, End-User Computing
  • President and COO (Chief Operations officer)
  • Executive VP & General manager, Virtualization and Clouds Platform VMware
  • CTO (chief technical officer) VMware
  • Senior VP, R&D, Cloud infrastructure VMware
  • Lead technical recruiter

These different positions are the same level in terms of job hierarchy and are next only to the CEO of the company.

Secondary Management:

VMware management is divided on the basis of different products and business units. So while the top management consists of broad positions, the secondary management becomes more departmentalized. The positions in secondary business management include those of VPs for specific departments with more decentralization.

For example, in the Hybrid Cloud Business Unit department, headed by Senior VP & GM for the department, the positions in secondary management consist of:

  • VP Application Services Hybrid Cloud
  • VP, Global Channel Partners
  • Marketing Director, vCloud Air Network
  • VP, Hybrid Platform
  • VP, Cloud Services
  • Senior Director, vCloud Air Operations
  • Senior Director Solution Architecture

Similar job distinctions exist in all departments and the VMware job hierarchy owes its complexity to these distinctions.

Engineers/ Software Designs:

The next segment in the VMware job hierarchy consists of positions related to the designing and software development engineer of the products. The positions deviate from the management positions in this segment. Again there are similar positions for all of the different departments. Some of the positions in this segment include-

  • The MTS positions- the pay scale and the responsibilities attached to these position vary. Examples of positions included are-

MTS Development Engineer

MTS Quality Engineer

  • The Senior MTS positions- again, the pay scale and the responsibilities vary. Examples of positions included are-

Senior MTS Engineer

Senior MTS developer

Senior Quality Engineering Developer

  • Staff Engineers- these positions are on par with the manager and senior manager positions, hence making into this tier of job hierarchy. Included are-

Senior Staff Engineer- system architect

Senior UI Engineer

Senior Staff Engineer, Network Virtualization

  • Principal Engineers