Walmart Job Hierarchy

Walmart is an American retail giant operating numerous chains of discount stores, hypermarkets and grocery stores. The company- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was incorporated in the October of 1969 and is currently headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. Walmart job hierarchy refers to the structural hierarchy that the chain follows in filling its entire managerial, hourly and higher executive positions. The whole of the Walmart job hierarchy is divided into three broad segments which many sub-segments within each. A description of the hierarchy segments follows below.

Walmart Job Hierarchy

In Store Hourly Workers/ Management:

This is the first and the lowest segment in the Walmart job hierarchy tree. This segment majorly comprises of entry level positions and mostly all the employees in this segment are hired on hourly basis; that is they work in the store in an hourly count. The positions included in this segment of the hierarchical structure are as follows-

  • The cashier- the individual is supposed to man the cash counter and fulfill billing related responsibilities.
  • The sales associate- the individual is required to assist the customer in-store.
  • HD/ HM on
  • Customer Support Manager- the individual is needed to cater to all customer support related issues that may arise.
  • Department Manager- the individual is responsible for the management of a particular department.
  • Support Manager

This level of the management/ workers also included the position of specialty department manager in some locations.

In- Store Managers:

The In-store managers are the next segment of the Walmart job hierarchical structure. This segment is located in the middle tier of the Walmart Business hierarchy structure. The positions included in the segment comprises of individuals who have a greater responsibilities as manager and hence require a set of interpersonal skills to fulfill their job responsibilities. The positions in the segment are listed here-

  • The assistant manager- this position is inferior to the co-manager and manager positions and is instilled to provide basic assistance to the manager and co-manager positions.
  • The co- manager- this position, though not inferior, is a counterpart to the manager position.
  • Manager- the individual is required to carry on the highest level of in-store management duties.

Above Store Level Management:

This is the topmost tier in the scheme of job hierarchy in Walmart. The list of positions in this segment includes the higher level executives and even the board of directors. The 3 major positions which are listed in the above store management level are as follows:

  • Senior Vice President- this is the peak position in the hierarchy of positions in Walmart. The senior VP is responsible for everything that goes on in the store/ chains and hence everyone reports to him either directly or through a chain of other employees.
  • Regional Vice President- this individual is second only to the senior VP. He/ she fulfill the duties similar to that of the senior VP but in this case the duties are limited in geographical extent to a particular region.
  • District Manager- this individual is responsible for the management of a particular district.