Web Design Company Hierarchy

A web design company is a company or an organization which is formed by individuals who are experts in the field of graphic or website designing and are responsible for building web designs and web sites for clients.

In a web design company, there is a certain hierarchical structure that is followed which means that the individuals responsible for the most important jobs are placed at the top of the chain whereas the pyramid of job positions tapers down according to roles and responsibilities. The following is a detailed account of a web design company hierarchy.

web design company hierarchy

Company Owner

The topmost position in a web design company is that of the company owner who may also be the chief executive officer, board of directors and the president. He/she establishes the company, sets its goals and hires all employees of the company with the aim of designing web applications for clients.

General Manager

Each company needs a person working at its topmost managerial position and this position is called general manager. A general manager coordinates and manages all the activities of different departments and looks after the company’s smooth functioning

Web Designer

Deciding how websites will look and work is the main job of the web designer who holds a senior position in the company. He/she is responsible for knowing all specific web designing skills like HTML, CSS, Light, adobe and others. He/she must coordinate with the manager and decide how projects will be executed.

Front End Developer

The task of a front end develop is not related to design but is more about HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Deeper technical knowledge is needed for this job.

UI Designer

This job is also more about designing but less about the implementation and this position is also termed as Visual designer.

UX Designer

This job is related to researching about how people use a website. This position is important as it helps designers and developers in creating user friendly sites.

Art Director

An art director makes sure that the quality and the artistic elements of a website are not overlooked and some of the duties include leading other designers and communicating with clients to understand their requirements.

Content Strategist

Content development is also often the duty of a web design company and for this; a content strategist is hired to use things like analysis of content, scheduling and metadata. A content strategist may work with content writers, copywriters and editors.