What Is Project Hierarchy?

Arrangement of items according to their importance in an order from top to bottom is called project hierarchy. The priority order is given by putting the most important item on top of the list or the hierarchy table and the least important or the least necessary item at the bottom of the table. A hierarchy relates or consists of the steps and actions required to make the project easy and successful.

A project hierarchy includes the most crucial or vital aspect of sorting out the project.For example, if any project involving data on PR work, it would require deeming and getting contacts which is one among the most important feature of the project.

Without contacts, it would be impossible to get in contact with other clients in promoting work that is required to advertise which would make project absolutely useless. To avoid this, the most important aspect on top, setting a reminder for the big picture.

The aspects at the bottom the hierarchy list includes aspects of visiting people and research aspects that would contain aspects regarding inspiration of the direction of the project work.

What Is Project Hierarchy?


Let us find out the different types of project hierarchy that exists in most commercial setups.


The person who creates the project is knows as project owner. The project owner has the powers to select, promote and remove members of the team. He or she takes care of the operations throughout the project and duty of the other members in the team.


The professional providing the financial resources which are required by the project is called a project sponsor. Project sponsor talks with manager of the project to review the upcoming issues about the project. Both project sponsor and project manager manage the required resources of the project and financial reports of the project are prepared.

And the other levels are

Project manager, Team leader and Team members who are working mainly depend upon the project owner and project sponsor.

Designing a Project Hierarchy

While designing a project hierarchy the most important aspect is considering needs and future growth requirements

Viewing a Project Hierarchy

The two ways of viewing a hierarchy structure are:

  1. The first is clicking on the project navigator, and then clicking on project tree tab.You should keep in mind that a new project cannot be created in a project tree.
  2. The second way includes selecting admin which leads to “projects and fields admin” option and then clicking on “projects” and further clicking “+” to expand the project list.

Project Objective

The first tier in project hierarchy is the policy objective broad and generalized goals are included in this tier. The top levels management in a company corresponds to the policy objective. The first and primary goal is the main concern. For example, let us consider a project in which the objective is to discover ways to multiply the production in an electric power plant. In this the policy objective is to increase the industrial production

Strategic Objectives

The next tier in project hierarchy are the strategic objectives. The supplemental objectives supporting the policy objective come in this tier of strategic objective. In short the individual components combined into one which make the policy objective successful are called the strategic objectives.

The strategic objectives would take the middle rank of the organization in comparison with the management levels in a company. The example of the electric power plant can be considered here, production of 50KW power is a strategic objective.

Project Objective

The project objective is the next tier in project hierarchy. These are the objectives relating directly to the project’s deliverables come in this tier. The operational or working levels of management corresponds to this project objectives tier.

The things which are required in making the strategic and policy objectives successful are encompassed in this tier of project objective. The same example of electric power plant is considered in which building a new power plant would be the project objective.

Input Objective

Input objective is similar to the project objectives. The operational level of management contains this input objective. The input objectives are the resources which help the project to be successful. The electric power plant example can be considered here too, land, labor, contracts and expertise come under the input objectives. This is the base objective to accomplish all other objectives.