Legal Education Hierarchy

Education is very important to survive for every human being in life. Education teaches how to work, how to think and how to behave in society. Importance of education is increasing day by day because of highly competitive atmosphere in every aspect of life. It becomes need of every man to deal with the massive change.

There lot of branches of education like medical, commerce, engineering, legal and many more. Every education faculty has its own importance. Legal education is one of most important branch of education system. Legal education educates people about laws of country where they live. Importance of legal education becomes very high because now due to economic growth world become global village.

Legal education hierarchy deals with social changes as well as global changes. Legal education hierarchy is best example to make human well educated and well cultured.

Legal Education Hierarchy

Legal Education Hierarchy

Following is the legal education hierarchy

  • Preliminary education
  • Secondary Education
  • Degree level Education
  • Law Degree
  • Masters in Law
  • Doctorate in Law

Preliminary education consists of education up to 10th standard. It includes all subjects like math, science, language, history and geography. It is very important level of education because student will get basic knowledge of all subjects.

Secondary level education is divided in three parts like science, commerce and art. If someone wants to go medical or engineering studies then he can choose science. If someone wants to go for literature study or want to become administrative officer he can choose arts. Those who want to serve in the financial field then they can choose commerce.

Degree level education provides detail and in-depth knowledge about subject selected. Students can select any subject like art, science or commerce for degree education. It is important level of education because it is the basic requisite of the legal education.

Law degree is available to any graduate student. Students from any stream like science, art or commerce can take admission for law. Law degree syllabus includes civil law, criminal law, environmental law, family law as well as international law. Law education provides basic knowledge about every aspect of law. After law degree student can work start his own practice or can take paying job with law firms as the junior lawyer.

Master’s degree in law provides specialization in particular area of law. Law graduate students can do masters in civil law, criminal law, corporate law or cyber law. Masters degree in law is very helpful to get prestigious jobs like magistrate, lecture or legal advisor in multinational companies or can work as legal consultant.

Doctorate in law: Any student who has master’s degree in law can go for doctorate in law. It is highest degree in law. Student can choose any subject relating to law for doing doctorate in law. For doing doctorate in law student have make deep research about subject taken by him. He has to submit his thesis in university to get doctorate in law.