Account Management Hierarchy

Account management hierarchy consists of all the levels that are associated with accounts in any organization. For any organization account management is vital for the better productivity and this can be achieved with the help of various professionals in account management hierarchy. Actually account management is all about managing finance, debit- credit, profit-loss, payroll, expenditure etc. In simple words account management professional are responsible for all financial matters.

In account management hierarchy, there are numerous profiles and have their own responsibilities. There are three major division are described in this management hierarchy. In this article account management structure is described below in descending order which means the highest level is described first here.

Highest Account Management Level

This is the top account management level which is responsible for the organizing, planning and controlling the finance in the company. Senior level management professionals perform their duties which include the organization’s financial issues and its budgeting. Overall financial matters are all handled by these top account management professionals. These professional have the liberty to take the financial company’s decision. The high level job profiles are described below:

  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Chief financial controller
  • Management Accountant
  • Senior Financial Analyst

Middle Account Management Level

In the account management hierarchy, middle level management has various accounting job profiles. These professionals attain this rank after working in the same field for many years. Middle level management is responsible for getting the required job form executive level professionals so they do complete supervision for the best output. In any organization these officials perform various accounting tasks like audit, handling the tax, keeping the records for all transactions, managing payrolls of businesses, maintaining ledger. Actually middle management level manage overall financial issues of the company. The mid level accounting career hierarchy includes following job profiles:

Account Management Hierarchy

  1. Treasury
    1. Cash manager
    2. Credit manager
    3. Capital budgeting manager
    4. Fund raising manager
    5. Retirement benefit manager
    6. Finance control
      1. Financial accounting manager
      2. Cost accounting manager
      3. Tax manager
      4. Data processing manager
      5. Inventory controller
      6. Accounts Receivable Officer
      7. Accounts Payable Officer
      8. Credit Controller
      9.  Internal Auditor
      10. Payroll Manager
      11. Staff Financial Analyst
      12. Associate Cost Analyst
      13. Valuation Analyst

Entry or Operative Level Account Management

This is the lowest level of account management in account management hierarchy. Employees at this level are supposed to perform under the proper guidance and supervision of the mid level professionals. Their job is to do the executive work for their senior professionals. Entry level management executives are answerable for the financial records like maintaining the ledger and preparing the balance sheets for the company. The entry level account management hierarchy consists of various job profiles:

  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Budget Analyst
  • Market Analyst
  • Tax Consultant
  • Junior Accountant
  • Accounts Analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Financial reporter
  • Accounts Clerk