Airport Management Hierarchy

An airport is an area specified for the takeoff and landing of airplanes. As air travel becomes the order of the day, there are more than 40,000 airports throughout the globe. As a sort of rule, the airports are owned by regional or national governments, but they are then leased off to big corporations who run them. In its operational aspect, the airport often resembles the modern city with a governing body in charge of the day to day functioning as well as the strategic directions. The airport has two main areas- the airside areas and the landside areas.

airport management hierarchy

The Airport Manager

Apparently he is the supreme authority within an airport management and with the help of several support staff runs the administration within it. He, however, is no more than a representative of the company that owns that specific airport and therefore it is his main responsibility to implement the company policies.

Also, since almost 90% of the total employees working in the airport belong to other private companies, the airport manager needs to efficiently manage the co ordination between them, and the 10% of the employee who work directly under his administration. There are some officers under this managerial position namely cargo executives, freight officials, internal transport officers, support executives, executives handling food and beverage units.

The Safety Manger

A person who has the most important job right after the airport manager is the manager in charge of the safety of the airport. Tight security and safety measures can ensure that the airport remains a place beyond the reach of the mischief makers. Gate management remains and important part of the security system.

The Airport Ground Cre

They are responsible for all the activities of the commuters and their luggage. Many of them also work at the aircraft ensuring a smooth running of the machines. The air traffic control crew also plays a fundamental role in proper flying of the aircrafts. The airports can be both towered and non-towered, but mostly the major airports of the world belong to the second category. The Busy airports generally have Air Traffic Control (ATC) officers. However, a large section of the ground crew operates under the commercial airline Company. Weather Monitoring Crew is also a crucial recruitment in the airport management hierarchy. This job responsibility is also a part of the ground crew.

The Airport Flight Crew

The airport cannot function without flight crew. They ensure that all emergency equipment is in working order just before the flight is about to take off and the flight has enough of supplies. Flight crew executives help the passengers to board the plane and demonstrate the safety procedures and flight equipment. The flight crew consists of the Pilot, co- pilot, flight attendants, etc. Together, they aim to make the experience of flying as comfortable as possible for the commuters. They work on both long and short haul flights. They also serve the on flight refreshments, meals and sell duty free items and gifts.